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Boiling and filtered kitchen taps are gaining in popularity as people look for environmental and monetary savings alongside kitchen ease of use. GROHE UK explains their advantages

Q&A with Adam Logan, Technical Services Manager, GROHE UK

How much can be saved, both £££ and plastic bottles, with either a blue or red tap in a year per household?
GROHE’s WaterSystems are investment pieces of kit for the kitchen, but the savings they can make, both on plastic consumption and your daily expenses, are so extensive that the tap could have paid for itself in as little as three years. The GROHE Blue Home which delivers still, medium and sparkling water, has average running costs of £778 for three years which averages out at £1.63 per day. When looking at the savings per litre against leading bottled water brands, Blue Home can save up to 65 per cent in a four-person household, which equates to savings of more than £1,254 a year.

The GROHE Red helps you save both energy, and consequentially money, by providing instant kettle hot water. There is no time spent waiting for the kettle to boil, meaning less energy consumed. Meanwhile, the titanium boiler system of the Red helps to ensure excellent insulation which makes heating and maintaining the water at a temperature of 99 degrees Celsius much more energy efficient than other methods such as induction hobs or kettles.

What are Grohe’s brand values?
As the global leading supplier of sanitary ware, GROHE provides itself on delivering premium products through four key values: quality, technology, design and sustainability. We have won over 300 international awards since 2003, not just for design, but also for its valuable CSR efforts and outstanding customer experience.

How important is design vs function?
We value the two of equal importance. In fact, much of our R&D process is refining these two fundamental design aspects to marry together so that they work in harmony, providing a seamless product design in its entirety. For our customers, design is becoming increasingly important as they take more pride in the interior design of their homes, hotels and offices. The aesthetic of a product needs to look as luxurious as the premium experience it delivers. Social media has led us to become more design-oriented and the more aspirational looking the product is, the more in demand it is likely to be by our customers.

How important is technology and how do you integrate it into your products? Apps?
Technology is paramount and all our products are equipped with market-leading technologies that help deliver innovative features and functionality. GROHE is making a name for itself in the smart home and app technology market with some of its newer products, which includes the app-controlled Sensia Arena shower toilet, our spa shower AquaSymphony which offers Bluetooth-enabled steam, music and lighting features, and the Sense and Sense Guard, a smart home gadget that detects water leaks and other causes of water damage. 

What are current kitchen/ tap design trends?
Personalised design is becoming a prevalent trend in both the bathroom and kitchen, and homeowners want different finishes or customisable looks for their brassware. Rose gold, as well as gold brass and graphite tones, are growing in popularity as a modern, chic alternative to classic chrome. In the kitchen, the emphasis is placed on making easy work of kitchen chores and lending a helping hand in busy homes. Specialist taps like the GROHE WaterSystems which offer kettle hot water or filtered and chilled still and sparkling water are on the rise. Other tap innovations include foot-controlled activation – for when your hands are full with pots and pans – and pull out sprays to make cleaning surfaces and washing vegetables even easier than before. In the bathroom, sustainable solutions are of increasing importance and infra-red sensor taps, as often seen in commercial bathrooms, are now becoming available for the everyday home too. This encourages us to use only the minimal amount of water needed for everyday tasks such as cleaning our teeth, and therefore minimises our total water consumption.

Top tips for fittings care?
The correct aftercare is essential for keeping your brassware fittings looking as good as new for years to come. When cleaning, you should warm water and washing up liquid and wipe with a soft, non-abrasive cloth. It is recommended to wipe down after use to prevent the build-up of unsightly watermarks. Avoid commercial cleaners and anything acid-based. Following these guidelines will help preserve the look of your brassware for much longer.

Why do think there’s been a switch to bottled/ filtered water in favour of tap water?
The quality of tap water in some areas of the country, infamously London as one example, is often very poor. Despite it being such an easily accessible commodity in the UK, many are still wanting to pay for that fresh taste that they just can’t find from their kitchen tap. Last year, research revealed that we could be consuming microplastics when drinking unfiltered tap water. The plastic epidemic continues to be a rife topic, and so the solution seems to be to findways that reduces our plastic bottle consumption whilst ensuring we limit our intake of potentially harmful microplastics. Filtered water systems are offering the best of both worlds and therefore their popularity in the home is growing.

Do you incorporate any water saving features into your products?
For many years, GROHE has incorporated its EcoJoy technology into lots of its bathroom products, including basin taps and head showers. Using flow restricting mousseurs and a showerhead design that allows equal dispensation of water from each nozzle in the shower head, the technology enables reduced water usage whilst maintaining a high-quality shower experience. Many of GROHE’s single-lever mixer tap ranges feature this integrated technology which automatically reduces consumption by up to 50 per cent, with showers coming a close second at 40 per cent reduction. Water-saving technology is also available with GROHE’s flush plates and thermostats.

What’s next for Grohe?
We plan to continue to strengthen its position as a global leading bathroom supplier and has recently launched its first range of shower trays, in a bid to offer a complete bathroom solution for its customers. GROHE will also be expanding its kitchen ranges and as a brand will focus on the digitisation of water and the many opportunities the likes of AI and app technology are offering.

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