A West End Bolt Hole

For tourists and travellers alike, the Haymarket Hub might be the modern and affordable hotel you’ve been looking for

Review by Charlie Fletcher

The 189 room Haymarket Hub Hotel is Edinburgh’s latest answer to ‘luxury-budget accommodation. ’Intrigued by the juxtaposition I went to stay in the ‘Hub’ on a rainy Tuesday night. Unfortunately, most Edinburgh nights are rainy at this time of year…

After I arrived and made my way to my sixth floor room, I was greeted with very modern décor and a stunning view of Edinburgh’s skyline. The room had a focus on quality over quantity – not ‘no-frills’ – but certainly less of the superfluous array that we tend to associate with hotels. In this room, everything is deliberate and purposeful.

A city centre hotel should, at its core, be a bed for the night. Thankfully, at the Haymarket Hub, each room is equipped with a bespoke Hypnos bed as its glorious centre point. The addition of good Egyptian cotton sheets really made for a good night’s sleep.

Overhanging my bed was a large flat screen TV with a full Sky TV package included in the cost of the room. I’m sure it would be all too easy to stay sub-duvet for hours here and neglect the outside world. The addition of programmable LED lighting and room temperature really make this room feel like your home from home.

My en-suite also received the same attention to detail with a power shower and boutique toiletries. Unfortunately, my towels were more sandpaper than satin but I do hope this was an isolated issue.

The Haymarket Hub strikes me as the ideal place for tourists. The central location is well suited to visiting both the Old and New Towns and, as the name suggests, the hotel is spitting distance from Haymarket train station for connections to Edinburgh Airport and beyond.

With tourists in mind every room has been given a free to use smartphone called Handy. As useful as its name suggests, Handy is preloaded with local information and money saving offers in local businesses. Furthermore, the phone has unlimited data and free UK and international calls that can be used when out and about, just watch how you word any comments about your Handy to hotel staff.

All in all, the hotel was of good quality. For those making short breaks or looking for cheap and reliable accommodation it would be a great choice. As the hotel lacks a restaurant and bar, those looking for an all in one luxury solution may be best elsewhere. I can see this being very popular for Edinburgh Festival revellers and imagine the 189 rooms will be in high demand each August. riddle_stop 2


Enquiries: The Haymarket Hub Hotel, 7 Clifton Terrace, Edinburgh. EH12 5DR / 0131 347 9700 / frontdesk@haymarkethubhotel.com / www.haymarkethubhotel.com  

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