Step Away From the Screen…

We may not realise it, but High Energy Visible Light off our computers and smartphones in large doses is as damaging as midday sun. Step away from that screen, hydrate and check out our beauty editor’s top picks to beat those laptop rays

Article by Lauren Naylor

There was this one time (not at band camp); I meandered down the bustling narrow streets of Borough Market, obliviously gazing down into my phone chatting away, and in the blink of an eye found myself hurled onto my bottom by a cyclists’ bike with our limbs unceremoniously entangled. It was a classic case of being too engrossed in my phone, and in the melee I could still hear my friend hollering, ‘Lauren, Lauren!’ from my now smashed iPhone.

I recently attended the Dr Murad beauty launch for his new initiative the #EyesUp Campaign, which was ironic, given my recent unfortunate escapade/accident. (Anyone else checking this who thinks Alanis Morrisette’s similes are ironic will disagree with my use).

Worryingly, stats show the average U.K. adult spends eight hours and 41 minutes looking at a computer screen/phone every day according to Ofcom – that’s more than most people get in zz’s. “Four eight hour sessions on your mobile device is the equivalent of 20 minutes midday sun without UVA protection,” cites Dr Murad.

Recent clinical research has suggested that HEVL (high energy visible light) which is emitted from phones and computers can penetrate skin deeper than both UVA and UVB, and could lead to accelerated skin ageing and hyper pigmentation. In vitro and in vivo clinical studies carried out by skincare brand Eucerin, have shown that high amounts of HEVL can induce oxidative stress which can damage skin cells and may potentially lead to accelerated photo-ageing. 

But it’s not just the potential damage to your skin over time, the beauty bods at Murad believe that healthy, beautiful skin is a direct reflection of how you live your life. They feel that today we are faced with tremendous demands that our bodies have not evolved fast enough to handle. “Technology allows us to work and communicate anywhere, but we feel pressurised to portray a social media perfection at all times,” Murad says, “our philosophy is that the irony of technological advancement allows us to be more digitally connected than ever before, yet less connected to one another in meaningful ways.”

Murad is hellbent on educating and empowering people around the world about the danger of digital-only relationships, and the power of real-life human connection. “Many people work in an office, most have their own space working from their computer. Try and physically communicate once or twice a day. Get up and actually talk to colleagues, this helps reduce isolation, you’re communicating with a real person rather than staring at a screen,” says Murad.

Take some Murad advice in a large dose. Disconnect that phone and start with Connected Beauty. Here are the key points for Murad’s whole-person approach to beauty:

  • Nourish Your Skin – use efficacious skincare to strengthen and protect skin, the first line of defence for every cell in the body.
  • Eat Your Water – consume a balanced diet centered on water-rich fruits and vegetables to help cells lock in hydration (let’s be honest, very rarely do we drink two litres a day).
  • Awaken Your Body – participate in physical activities that brig you joy to build muscles. Here Dr Murad said not to force yourself into exercise for the sake of it but do something you actually enjoy.
  • Be Kind to Your Mind – manage the stress of modern living and cultivate emotional self-awareness to help cells stay hydrated. Think of stress as a vacuum sucking away any hydration and damaging your overall look leaving you haggard and lacklustre.

If you want to join the Eyes Up revolution visit Going “Eyes Up” doesn’t have to be a complete lifestyle change. It’s all about making little edits to your day that make a big difference to your overall well-being.

Face Time 

Shield your skin from blue light pollution. Keep your skin protected with HEVL busting products and broad spectrum SPF.

Bea Skincare Solar Defence SPF 30, £24.00,
Bea Skin Care’s Solar Defence is an organic, skin brightening SPF 30 sunscreen with alpha arbutin which helps diminish hyper-pigmentation over time. It protects the skin from harmful UV rays and treats discolouration and sun damage in one.

Eucerin Sun Anti-Age Fluid SPF 30, £20, nationwide, 
Tackle those pesky frown lines with plant-based protection; powerful anti-inflammatory active Licochalcone A is derived from the roots of the Chinese liquorice plant, it helps provide potent protection against HEVL-induced damage by neutralising free radicals. With high UVA/UVB protection, the Hyaluronic Acid also helps to retain moisture and plumps up wrinkles from the inside.

Elizabeth Arden – ‘Prevage City Smart Broad Spectrum’ SPF 50 Hydrating Shield 40Ml, £55, Debenhams, 
One of my personal favourite handbag must-haves is a silky hydrating shield which combines pollution and UV protection with DNA Enzyme Complex to strengthen your skin against everyday free radicals. The anti-pollution technology creates an invisible barrier to help prevent the penetration of harmful toxins and shields against the main causes of ageing (bar the natural process, obviously!). With a sheer, universal tint and optical diffusers it leaves skin with a smooth, radiant appearance too.

Dr Murad City Skin Age Defense Broad-Spectrum SPF50, £45, 
This lightweight mineral sunscreen can be worn under makeup and shields against outdoor and indoor aggressors: UVA, UVB, infrared radiation and HEV light. With a light colour-correcting tint, brightening Vitamin C and nourishing Vitamin E it helps to improve overall skin appearance as well as protecting against free radicals. Free radicals are classed as factors such as pollution, sunlight and smoking which trigger their production. In a nutshell, they cause visible ageing.

Think of the fading of paint, the flaking and degradation of buildings, the deterioration of your child’s plastic garden toys, then translate that to your skin. Scary, huh? riddle_stop 2



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