How to Wear Your Hat…

Sisters and co-founders of Hicks & Brown, Alice and Rosie, share their top styling tips for how a hat should be worn

The duo are the designers behind the fiercely British brand, who are best known for their fashionable fedoras, as well as catering for both men and women with collections including jackets, gilets and hand-crafted accessories. Having had a life-long love of design and textiles, Alice and Rosie are original and inventive in their approach to the design process, ensuring they offer a true lifestyle collection of clothing and accessories. How to wear a hat you ask? With stylish, simple ease…

For anyone undecided on which to choose, how do you choose your hat?
This really does depend on where you plan to where it! If you live in the countryside and plan to wear it walking the dog, or for a day of winter horse racing, then a hat in camel and brown with pheasant feathers would be great. If you are choosing a hat to wear shopping, picking up the children from school or a little more formally then a navy, black and maroon Fedoras really finish off an outfit, especially when teamed with a tailored jacket.

Which hat do you recommend for the hat novice? 
If you don’t consider yourself to be a hat person or don’t own one yet, we always suggest a dark brown Fedora for starters. It is the most versatile of colours, it goes with just about everything! It also won’t draw too much attention to you. You will get so much wear out of it, whereas you might not with a more striking or unusual colour, that you wear once and take straight off.

How should someone measure their head for a hat?
You are best to use a clothes tape measure and wrap it around your head with the tape sitting an inch or so above your eyebrows. It is always a personal choice on how you choose to wear your hat, but we design our hats to sit on your head and not on the back of your head, hence measuring from just above the eyebrows.

How do they know it fits correctly?
The headband doesn’t want to feel like it will be so tight it gives you a headache or leaves an imprint, but equally you don’t want it to fly off at the slightest gust of wind! It needs to feel comfortable, so you can forget you are even wearing it. Don’t compromise with comfort and style!

What colour compliments which hair colour?
Our navy and maroon Fedoras are particularly striking on people with blonde hair, whilst a camel coloured hat is more often suited to brunettes.

I’m attending a day’s Winter Racing – how should I put together a look?
Winter racing is all about keeping warm whilst still looking fashionable. A smart wool or tweed jacket teamed with plenty of layers underneath is a definite. Knee boots, whether flat or heeled, will ensure you are practical but also stylish. Layer up with a wrap-around scarf and, of course, a hat to really finish the outfit. Stay warm and keep your hair in check!

How should you care for your hat?
All our hats are made from wool felt so the best way to clean it is by running a lint clothes roller over it. If it has marked in any way we suggest using a damp cloth to further clean it. They are water resistant, so if worn out in the rain, we suggest leaving to dry slowly indoors, avoiding drying them too quickly which can cause them to lose shape.

Is there a secret to avoiding hat hair?!
This all comes down to the fit of the hat, if it is too tight you will be left with an imprint around your forehead and no one wants that. We always like to use a hat to hide unkept hair rather than think of it creating bad hair!

How to style your beanie?
Our beanies are designed to keep you warm, we wear ours everywhere – popping to the shops, going to the gym, walking the dog… they literally go with anything! They are the easiest hat to pull on and go with zero styling.

What’s next on your hat design wish list?
We are currently designing a men’s specific hat, a ladies limited edition trilby, as well as focusing more on our summer range ready for next year. riddle_stop 2


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