Hudson River Project

One River. One Boat. One Brit. One Big Adventure

 Build a boat from a city’s waste. Take it to the mountains. Descend back to the city into which the river feeds

In October this year, Brit James Bowthorpe will navigate his way down the Hudson River, in a boat built from the waste and rubbish of New York city. The aim of the project is to reconnect the city and nature and to re-evaluate how we perceive sustainability.

Starting at Lake Tear of the Clouds, the source of the Hudson River located in the Adirondack Mountains, his mid- winter descent will see him traverse snow and ice, rapids and shipping lanes.

Conceived in 2010, the project is being part underwritten by Swiss watch company Tudor and James will be wearing the Tudor North Flag to assist in his navigation. riddle_stop 2

Key Information:

Hudson River Recce: 21- 31 April 2015

Hudson River Projecr: 25 October- 25 December 2015

Enquiries: Tudor Watches/


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