Eco-Friendly Gem Sparkles with Southern Hospitality

Anyone can build a beautiful hotel, but it’s an altogether different endeavor to build a thoughtful one 

Review by Christen Fisher

When I arrived at the Hutton in Nashville, Tennessee on a very cold, sunny Saturday morning, I was greeted by the sight of a slightly disheveled VIP in a grey three-piece suit running frantically up and down the front steps… barefoot. I watched as he struggled with his bags, his limousine, his shoes, and the other more generically, or perhaps just more completely attired members of his party, and tried to decide if I was amused or alarmed. When the bellman took my bag and said with a wink, “Welcome to Nashville, Ma’am,” the decision was easy.

I’ve stayed in my share of beautiful hotels both in the US and abroad, but the ones I remember, and more importantly the ones I recommend to friends and return to myself, share a common trait: they feel like home.

Hutton hotel lobby

As a member of the Leading Hotels of the World, Hutton Hotel is considerably nicer than my home. The lobby is modern and warm, stylish to the point of being swanky, and yet every piece of furniture in it is deliciously comfortable. The work of local artists is prominently featured throughout, though my favorite is the life-size steel horse in the lobby. The guest rooms are well appointed from the granite rainfall showers stocked with Molton Brown products to the soothing abstract art adorning the walls and the expansive views of the city on the higher floors.

The attention paid to every detail of the space goes deeper than mere aesthetics. Repurposed from what used to be a high-rise office building, the Hutton is as green as it is beautiful. The flooring and most of the furnishings are made from reclaimed materials or highly renewable bamboo. The cleaning staff uses only biodegradable products. There are card readers in every guest room that disable the lighting whenever a guest exits. Even the courtesy vehicle, which will take guests anywhere they want to go in town, is an all-electric Tesla.

Additionally, the hotel is pet friendly. And while there is a one-time $75 cleaning fee associated with bringing your best furry friend, there are no weight or size restrictions.

Penthouse suite

So it’s gorgeous, luxurious, green, and your furry fat friends are welcome, but what really sets the Hutton apart is its staff who raise the ideals of southern hospitality to a whole new level. From the moment I arrived, I was treated not as a nameless guest attached to a credit card, but rather a friend who had come to stay for the weekend. Aside from the laugh with the bellman about “the barefoot-suit guy” as he came to be known, the rest of the staff knew my name, my interests in town, and displayed genuine compassion when it came to my rather serious coffee addiction. The bartenders at 1808 Grille were cool enough to both recommend and warn against selections not only from their own substantial and award-winning menu of spirits and foodstuffs, but also from the menus of other establishments around town. One saved me from a disastrous encounter with an ill-conceived potato medley on the next block, while another offered to write me a personal note so I could meet an iconic country music costumer downtown without having to battle the stereotype of the annoying tourist or dreaded journalist.

By the end of my stay, home was looking a bit peaky. The next time you’re headed to Nash-Vegas or Music City, be sure to stay at Hutton Hotel. I’d say to tell them I sent you, but there’s no point. At the Hutton, everyone is a VIP. riddle_stop 2


Enquiries: Hutton Hotel, 1808 West End Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee, USA | 615.340.9333 |

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