Ian Buxton’s 101 Legendary Whiskies: As Close To A Perfect List As You Can Get. 

From lost legends to luxurious dreams including available gems, this list has them all.

Article by Donald McFarlane

This guide to the best whiskies on the planet is the kind of book you put somewhere where you might want to read a summary of a whisky once or twice a day. Yes, it’s a classic look book, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t for both the serious whisky drinker, and the novice whisky drinker. Regardless of one’s obsession with whisky, it makes for an enjoyable read that is both fascinating, and illuminating.

Taking us from Scotland across the world to Japan and New Zealand, with a quick layover in the US and Canada, Ian introduces whiskies that are both rare and common place, but by no means common.

Ardbeg Galileo mini

Some of the whiskies mentioned are as ubiquitous as Jack Daniels No 7, and the Glenfiddich 12 Years Old, while others, such as the gorgeously bottled Ardbeg Galileo are now found only at auctions, while other bottles, like the Mackinlay’s Rare Old Highland Malt that accompanied Sir Ernest Shackleton to Antarctica can now only be found there. Under several metres of ice and snow, no doubt.

What makes this guide to legendary whiskies so engrossing is Ian’s wit and humour that keeps a smile on your face as you read about some of the greatest whiskies ever distilled. It’s certainly made me put a list of ‘must buys’ together.

Happy reading and hopefully it will not only educate you but inspire you. Available from amazon now. riddle_stop 2


The highly sought after Ardbeg Galileo miniature with its stunning cocktail shaker in which Dan Dare could have shaken up a Highland Special for the Mekon. Definitely on Riddle’s whisky wish list.

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