“Beauty doesn’t have to be a Complicated Affair, it can be a Divine, Luxurious Ritual that brings Beauty to life Every day”

Created by doctor of medicine, skin expert and herbalist Dr Spiezia, the Inlight Beauty collection is inspired by nature and uses the purity of organic ingredients to regenerate the skin

Article by Tori Snowball

Google Nicholas Culpepper and you will see just how far back the lore of herbalism goes. Dr Spiezia is bringing back this tradition channelling these mystic and scientific skills through his Inlight Beauty products. The good doctor is hardly new on the scene, he was voted one of the top 25 “Who’s who in natural beauty” in 2012, 2013, 2015 and again in 2016 and his products have won awards in The Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible and Natural Health Magazine.

Suitable for all skin types and ages, the Inlight range is completely and utterly 100 per cent organic (a rare find) and certified by COSMOS and Soil Association made without water and synthetics. The products are also vegetarian and the serums and oils are suitable for vegans.

Inlight practises slow beauty, the precious ingredients are distilled in small batches for over a month to harness their unique strength and properties. Rejuvenating phyto-nutrients, anti-oxidant plant extracts, skin loving botanical oils and aromatic essential oils, all certified organic and synthetic free, work together in synergy to deliver visible results. “Health and science have an innate beauty within them, the beauty which stems from chemical and physical processes at the basis of life itself,” surely products such as this are worth the wait?

Spend any amount of time with Dr Spiezia and you will feel yourself mellowed, calmer and enlightened. Science and alchemy, passion and innovation, sustainability and respect accompany every step of Inlight’s small batch, artisanal production, “the heart of Inlight is my signature Bio-lipophilic Matrix®, an empowered blend of botanical oils fusing ancient alchemy and modern science.” It is this unique combination of scientific expertise and traditional methods that preserves the natural integrity of the organic ingredients, ensuring they are blended with the utmost efficacy.

Now for the scientific bit – the Bio-lipophilic Matrix® consists of a specific blend of pure organic, cold-pressed oils selected for their high bio-chemical affinity to the lipidic human skin layer. This means that the oils can pass easily into the skin; the upmost layer of your skin is rich in lipids (good fats that are your skins natural barrier) that when treated properly leaves you hydrated, fresh and plump (good plump- think buoyant healthy cheeks). Prior to production the Inlight oils are energised by Dr Spiezia’s bespoke techniques which combine ancient traditions with modern science, “in our lab we try to understand, mix, exchange, empower, reactivate and reinforce nature’s elements.” These techniques heighten the oils’ natural potency and help re-attune and re-balance the skin.

It is these “beauty-full” oils (a wonderful epithet coined by Dr Spiezia’s wonderful wife and Inlight Marketing Manager Loredana) that enrich every Inlight product which result in their skin saving magic. Being close in composition to the skin’s own natural oils they are recognised both chemically and energetically by our body, interacting positively with other compounds on the skin to embrace, nourish and protect.

Presented in beautiful packaging that reflects the artisanal nature of the brand the design uses an abstract watercolour by a local Cornish artist to capture the sense of nature and artisanal creativity whilst the bottles are made from high grade miron glass to protect the precious ingredients.

New for 2017 is Dr Spiezia’s Herbal Tea Fusions, a collection of wellness teas: Rejuvenate & Glow, Refresh & Smile, Energise & Sparkle, Detox & Revive. All the joys of Inlight skincare in a steaming fragrant cup.

Also available from selected spa partners are the Head over Heels facial and body treatments; if in Cornwall it’s well worth a trip to the treatment rooms at Merchants Manor who use Inlight exclusively in their treatments. The treatments have been developed by Dr Spiezia personally and are grounded in QI and Ayuravedic massage practices. With a unique combination of colour, tea infusions, mandalas, selected crystals and the stimulation of specific acupressure points each treatment is bespoke and tailored to your personal needs to calm and invigorate the senses, restoring the system to balance and wholeness. riddle_stop 2

RRP: £24.00 – £170.00


Enquiries: www.inlightbeauty.co.uk and selected stockists

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