Elizabeth Arden has been empowering women and providing them with a diverse portfolio of beauty products including proven, science-based solutions since 1910

Article by Lauren Naylor

I’m sure you’ve stumbled across your nan, or your mum’s incredible pink ceramide capsules (now upgraded to advanced and gold!) or have used the iconic eight-hour cream to remedy a multitude of beauty woes, from chapped lips, to dry cuticles, to keeping wayward eyebrows in check.

Elizabeth Arden is sold in over 120 countries and is proud to uphold Ms. Arden’s legacy of supporting women. She famously provided red lipstick to the suffragettes as they marched past her Red Door Salon & Spa on New York’s Fifth Avenue. Back then, wearing red lipstick wasn’t a socially acceptable practice, and it became a symbol of the women’s movement and had remained an icon of female power to this day. Arden continues its fearless female founder’s legacy of advocating for women and honouring their ability to be forces of change in the world with the introduction of the MARCH ON campaign in support of UN Women.

Today their spokesperson and female advocate and brand storyteller, Reese Witherspoon is determined to empower women through Arden’s signature cause platform by celebrating women’s achievements and encouraging women to support other women. A Limited Edition Lipstick March On Beautiful Colour Lipstick in Red Door Red (£22) has been developed to support this worthy cause and show other women solidarity. With 100% of the proceeds donated to UN Women, their limited edition March On red lipstick serves as a powerful symbol of unity and invites women around the world to signal their support for one another.

The campaign includes a pledge to donate $1 million to UN Women in support of their work to advance women’s issues worldwide. The UN organisation dedicates itself to raising awareness of gender equality and the empowerment of women. It works globally to make the vision of the Sustainable Development of Goals a reality for women and girls and stands behind women’s equal participation in all aspects of life. riddle_stop 2

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