The Heart of Manchester

Lose yourself in Manchester’s bustling city centre in this serene and beautiful spa hotel

Review by Jo Gregory

The King Street Townhouse opened its doors to the “baby grand hotel” in 2015 as part of the Eclectic Hotel Collection. Since then it has gone on to be awarded Condé Nast Hot List Best Hotels in the World in 2016 and TripAdvisor top UK travellers choice award in 2017. I can see why, the décor is somewhere between the romantic beauty of Rome, with its historic, period features and use of colours, and a cool warehouse loft apartment. The hotel boasts 40 rooms and suites, an all-day dining bar, meeting spaces, screening room and the best of all, the spa.

I’m greeted at reception with a warm welcome. The check in process was full of light hearted chitter-chatter about my day in the city. I’m given a run-down of the hotels features and where to find what. I ask, “can I walk to the spa in my bath robe?” to which I’m told a huge yes and I already feel myself melting into the next 24 hours here. 

I head up to my room, I’m staying in one of the hotels “Cosy” rooms which comes complete with a freestanding bath in the bedroom area. The hotel is a Tardis, the rooms are generous in size and come with a fully stocked (and rather tempting) mini bar and Bluetooth speaker. It’s not long before I’m in my robe and heading to the hotel’s infamous infinity pool.

High up on the 7th floor, overlooking the city clocktower of Manchester Town Hall is the spa pool. Arms draped over the edge, legs flapping behind me. I lose myself in the views as the sun begins to set. It’s tranquil up here, I even called down to the bar on the handy phone next to the pool to have a drink delivered while I bobbed about in the warm water. I’m in heaven. I move onto the steam room which was snug but the perfect place to unwind.

Back to my room, yes, I am still in my bathrobe and very happy about it too. Relaxation levels are flying high and, just when I thought things couldn’t get better, I step into the walk-in rain shower in my en-suite. Who knew being rained on could be such a wonderful experience? 

After a few hours of pampering, I head down to the bar with my book to grab some food, note; I am no longer in my robe at this point as the bar is open to the public. However, the change of scene and pace is welcomed in this candle lit and cosy hub. I opt for a steak and a glass of Malbec to wash it down with. Both of which are delicious as is the service here. It feels both intimate and exceptionally friendly. 

After dinner I decide to take a peek at the rest of the hotel. There is a terrace on the 6th floor which I’m very keen to check out. It’s a chilly evening but there’s a two-way facing fireplace crackling away beautifully, warming the place up. I speak to a member of staff who is setting up for a party that evening, and he tells me they’ve seen many a wedding and event here. The venue can host up to 150 people, and with its vast and versatile space, wooden floors and views across the rooftops of the historic city, I can see its appeal. Along with the South Terrace and bar there is also afternoon tea being served every day in the atmospheric lounge area. It’s a contemporary quirky space with a peppering of local art. 

I head back to my room and run myself a long hot bath. Yes, I’ve already been in the pool and shower, but it feels like a tragedy to leave the piéce de resistance aside. Pure perfection, as was my sleep that night. For a hotel in the city centre and a party happening in the same building, I’m amazed at just how serene it is here. I finish my stay with breakfast being delivered to my door, eggs benedict. I’m a bit of a fuss pot when it comes to eggs and these were on point, as was everything else during my blissful stay. riddle_stop 2

Enquiries: King Street Townhouse, 10 Booth St, Manchester M2 4AW/ 0161 667 0707/ King Street Townhouse

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