Krušovice Czech Beer

430 years of regal tradition has made its way from Krušovice to Edinburgh

Article by Charlie Fletcher

On a rainy Wednesday night in Edinburgh, I took solace from the elements in Leith Street’s the Newsroom where I was scheduled to discover a tank of royal origin.

Krušovice is the Czech Republic’s (or should I say Czechia’s) 430 year old export. Two years after foundation, the brewery was taken over by King Rudolf II who, after sampling the beer, just had to have it. I didn’t quite go as far as buying the brewery after I tried Krusovice but I certainly bought another glass.

The beer itself was a golden colour, served in a frozen tankard glass that was reassuringly weighty. Krušovice most closely resembles a Pilsner lager. It has a definite floral aroma that was evident on the palate. Bitter and crisp, this is a very fresh and inviting beer.

Krušovice is unique in that it is transported in a chilled stainless steel tank. As it is pumped into these tanks straight after the filtration and pasteurisation stage and then poured from there into a glass, Krušovice is not subject to the same temperature changes and churning that bottles and kegs are.

Available at around £4.30 a pint, Krušovice is a great alternative to the everyday. Traditionally enjoyed around 11am in Czechia, it’s is a fine example of a lager and is still, 430 years later, fit for a king. riddle_stop 2


Krusovice is available on draught at the Newsroom –  Edinburgh, Kupp – Paddington, Neighbourhood – Stratford and Southampton and Cottonopolis – Manchester. 


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