A Very Scandi Scouring

Looking for an indulgent spot of skincare? Slick Swedish brand L:A Bruket has the answer

Review by Rupert Watkins

But I just reach for a shower gel every morning…..

We all know there’s more to life that a cursory shower and quick wash with whatever Boots had on offer for a quid last week. Aside from simply cleanliness, there’s something invigorating as well as necessary about giving yourself a bloody good scrub every now and again. Enter Swedish brand L:A Bruket.

Founded by Monica Kylen, the skincare range is founded upon the traditional base of salt, water and locally harvested seaweed from the west coast of Sweden. With naturally made, chemical free products for the body, face and hair there’s something for everyone.

Sounds very Scandi, so why should I use it…?

Even men need to occasionally scour and exfoliate their skin. We do it with ever increasing attention on our faces but too often see body scrubs as un-necessary. Dead skin still needs to be thoroughly cleaned away and the pores scrubbed out occasionally which a cheap shower gel won’t do. Trying out L:A Bruket’s Wildrose Saltscrub, the salt scrub is not overly harsh but you certainly know you’ve given your skin a proper going over. It is a moist scrub to touch and use with plenty of oils from the rose and macadamia nuts providing hydration and meaning your skin feels smooth and soft despite being scoured.

OK, I can see the reason for using a scrub every now and then, what about every day..?

We’ve laxed lyrical about the simple pleasures of a bar of good soap before. Trying out a bar of L:A Bruket’s Lemongrass soap it’s subtly and fresh scented, lathers well and leaves the skin feeling clean and soft. Again made of organic ingredients, it’s a better bet than the sulphate and paraben drenched products you throw in your basket on a Tesco’s run and will last longer too – especially their soap on a rope sizes which are a fun addition to any gent’s shower.

You probably don’t need to use the scrub daily, it will be a little too astringent day in day out even with the abundance of oils. As a once a week scrub down though it’s excellent – use it as a treat after your weekend gym session. Cleansing, smoothing and stimulating. Rather Swedish really. riddle_stop 2


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L:A Bruket kindly gifted the review the salt scrub and soap.

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