Good Things Come in Small Parts

Indulge your inner racing driver with the Lego Ideas Caterham. If you can’t lay your hands on the real thing, it’s a fun interlude….

Review by Marc Stickley

There were two very excited people in the Stickley household just before Christmas… you see my 7 year old daughter and I had been hotly anticipating the arrival of a special Lego set. When it finally arrived, we opened it up and delved into the many bags and set to with the building…

The principal behind the Lego Ideas range, is that you come up with an idea for your favourite Lego model, obtain support (akin to Crowd Funding) and if you hit the right number of followers, Lego will assign a designer to create your idea.

So, Carl Greatrix’s idea was to build a Lego Caterham and Henrik Andersen obliged, creating a wonderfully detailed model that when complete is about foot long and looks just like the real thing (see my review from February 2016 for a comparison). All the essentials are in the build – suspension components, seats, dials, engine and transmission and that side exit exhaust.

You start the build with the chunky instruction booklet – you know you might need to take it in instalments when it hits 173 pages and 237 steps – splitting out the six bags of components and deciding who was going to click and who was going to call (how we split the build). First came the chassis – building up the support for the rest of the model. Then we added axles, brake discs, the trademark open wheel arches and finer details like lights and the gear stick. Next was the engine and transmission, building up the finished product that really did look like the real deal. Then we added the side exhaust, more detail and the seats, before adding the bodywork in sections. Finally, we placed on the wheels and finished of the cockpit with dials, steering wheel and wing mirrors. Voila, a miniature Caterham in our front room!

This £69.99 rrp model is a 12+ build and was pretty complicated – we assembled it over three days, taking over an hour each time. You’ll be rewarded with a fantastically detailed mini-Caterham to adorn your shelf. And until Caterham send me a full sized version (I’d settle for a 270) to self-build, that will have to do for me in the way of Caterham fixes. riddle_stop 2

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