Life is Too Short to Wear Boring Clothes

Eponymous British fashion label, Simon Carter, showcases AW17 collection

On Saturday 7th January, Simon Carter showcased the AW17 collection to members of the press, celebrity stylists and fashion influencers at the private members club, The Union Club on Greek Street, Soho. The man himself was also there to greet guests and to introduce them to the latest eclectic collection.

This season Simon brings together an eclectic mix of winter botanicals and vibrant, unusual prints and motifs, inspired by the famous Durovs, a legendary circus family in 1930s Soviet Russia, who promised an escape from every day hardship into a magical world of fantasy and human performance. This has been reflected in the collection, with shirts ranging from theatrical circus trapeze and elephant prints, to busy patterns of hot air balloons and sausage dogs. As always, a beautiful range of exclusive Liberty fabrics are offered to bring classical stability to the range.

The signature eclectic shirts are paired with jackets made from the English cloth mill Moons Tweeds, including delicate herringbones embroidered with bumble bees, to small puppy-tooth weaves. Trousers, jumpers and a wide range of Italian silk ties are also offered in the collection, allowing for the range to accommodate all fashion senses, from the new eccentric, to the understated classic. The winter accessories available continue to promote Simon’s love of high quality, beautifully manufactured products, including Donegal woollen scarves, cashmere lined leather British made gloves and Italian silk pocket squares and dress scarves. riddle_stop 2

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