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Sarah Hamid realised her male City colleagues did want to know about grooming and how to look after their skin but just didn’t have the information. Mansome is the result

Article by Laurence Culloty

A wise man once said, “the best investment you will ever make is in yourself”, the saying is a firm favourite of mine and one which is pertinent for a number of reasons – not least the sheer amount of applications that can be made from it. It can easily be applied to education, health, well-being and even grooming in the sense of the way we present ourselves.

In todays image conscious society the way we portray of ourselves is likely to have a huge effect in many areas of our lives. Take business for example, someone who turns up for a meeting and has spent the time and effort to make sure they look the part is not only likely have an aura of self confidence but they are also sending a message to others in the room that they value the importance of the meeting and are serious about doing business.

However, despite all the good intentions in the world when it comes to men’s grooming, many gents struggle to find the time to research and buy the products they need. This is understandable, we live in a busy world where we are expected to work long hours and fitting this around socialising, the gym and other activities it’s easy to see why grooming slowly works its way down the priorities list.

This is something that Sarah Hamid founder of Mansome quickly spotted whilst working alongside men all day in the financial markets world. She noticed men were interested in grooming and would often ask her advice but found few were armed with the knowledge to ensure their grooming routine was suited to their needs. It’s important to recognise, everyone is different and everyone has different concerns when it come to their looks. So picking up the first moisturiser you see may not necessarily be doing your skin any favours and certainly may not be addressing your individual needs.

Sarah made an interesting observation in that for women, grooming and skincare is almost second nature. This can be credited to the fact that girls are often introduced to this early on by their mothers. The majority of men on the other hand haven’t had this luxury which is why a lot of chaps might find themselves stumbling their way through the world of grooming.

So what if there was a way we could turn to experts to provide us with a grooming solution that worked specifically for us….. and on top of this we don’t even need to go racing round the shops, the products would be delivered directly to our door. Well, this is exactly what you can have by signing up to Mansome. Due to be launched very soon this is not just a grooming subscription service but an online community, a place for men to ask questions, share tips and gain key advice from those in the know.

When you log on to the Mansome portal you will be first asked some basic questions including details of your skin type, what concerns you have and how you would describe your daily style. This allows the Mansome team to put together a box that contains products that will be tailored specifically for you. Working with brands such as Triumph and Disaster, Ren Skincare, Filmore, London Beard Company and Big Green Tree to name a few, you can be sure of the quality of the products you receive.

So Gents, if you live a busy lifestyle but want to take care of your appearance and look your best then be sure give Mansome a try. I have signed up already and can’t wait to receive my first box.

Mansome will be exhibiting at The Gentleman’s Grooming Show 2016 where you will be able to see the products and sign up. riddle_stop 2


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