What you Want, How you Want it

High Street denizen Moss Bros unveils its take on made to order

Esteemed High Street outfitters Moss Bros celebrate 165 years by rolling out their new flagship service, Tailor Me. Offering customers the opportunity to order their suit with the details and fabric they desire, the service nicely fits the gap between standard off the peg and made to measure. An initial consultation will see the customer choose the fabric, button layout, stitching and up to a total of five specific personal touches to make the suit their own.

The range of suitings is wide, including Cerruti, Zegna, Savoy Tailors Guild and an exclusive selection of 47 uniquely selected wool fabrics for Moss Bros – as well a wealth of lining options. Once all details are confirmed, the suit is delivered 30 days later with a surcharge of just £100 over a standard Moss Bros off the peg example. Should any further alterations be required these are charged separately.

This offering allows an element of personal flair and choice for very reasonable outlay. For those for whom that jump to £650 plus for made to measure is still a little steep, Moss Bros steps into the breech- well done them. riddle_stop 2


Enquiries: www.moss.co.uk/tailor-me

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