Mr Fogg's Residence
Excellent ServiceIntimate AtmosphereInventive and stunning cocktails
8.2Overall Score

And Now, for Something Completely Different

Riddle finds a brave old world tucked away on the backstreets of Mayfair

Review by Andy Barnham

For most, Bruton Lane is a cut through in the middle of Mayfair, used to avoid the human traffic circulating around Berkeley Square. To be sure, the majority of this footfall wandering down the back street will be blissfully unaware that they walk right past the front door of Mr Fogg’s Residence and the doorway to a different world.

Unashamedly colonial in nature this Phileas Fogg themed bar resembles a cross between a living room and a member’s club. Bookcases, a gramophone and even a grandfather clock sit below the high ceilings with novelties and travel curiosities such as hunting trophies and penny farthings hanging above the leather seats. Outside, seating on the balcony one is transported to an intimate, private garden, with garden chairs and tables surrounded by plants, even if the view from the high ground does look out on to the back walls and doors of Mayfair.

The drinks menu carries on the theme and Mr Fogg offers 80 cocktails inspired from the travels around the world. For those who find such large drinks menus somewhat confusing, fear not, old classics (while not featured) can easily be whipped up. Indeed the service at Mr Fogg’s is excellent with the military attired staff knowing their menu inside out and able to offer advice and guidance when needed. The drinks themselves are excellent and cost on average £15 each, in keeping with the neighbourhood.

Highly recommended for something different, even the soundtrack in the toilets is a reading of Jules Verne’s 1873 book, guests need to book to avoid disappointment. riddle_stop 2

Enquiries: Mr Fogg’s Residence/ 15 Bruton Ln, London, W1J 6JD/ 020 7036 0608/

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