A Xi’an Outpost in the Heart of London

Freshly prepared, daily made noodles and regional herbs and spices imported directly from Shanxi Province in China, Murger Hanhan is the first Xi’an restaurant in London

Review by Christiane Lewis

Nestled in London’s Mayfair, on the quiet Sackvillle Street just next to Piccadilly Circus, you can find the delightful Murger Hanhan restaurant. The location itself makes this Chinese street food restaurant the ideal stop whilst out shopping, sightseeing or as a business lunch destination.

Offering dishes from the Shanxi Province dating back to the Qin dynasty, this is the first authentic Xi’an restaurant in London. Importing herbs and spices directly from the Xi’an area, Murger Hanhan prepare their dishes according to strict traditional recipes.

The restaurant incorporates a modern yet cosy interior with lovely detailing along with a show kitchen where guests can see their food being freshly prepared.

Worth a try is their range of Biang Biang noodle dishes which the chefs pride themselves by making the noodle dough fresh every morning. The wheat dough is pulled into 12 feet long noodles after guests place their order – which makes fun and challenging dining for unexperienced chop stick users, but a spoon is always there to rescue!  All of these noodle dishes are served with a topping of choice in a flavoursome sauce.

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The restaurant’s name is inspired by the ancient version of a burger, the Murger. A pan baked flatbread is served with different flavour bursting variations of traditional soup and Murger soups themselves are served as both meat or vegetarian dishes. On the menu you can also find Goyza, a crispy, pan fried dumplings dish which works well as a side dish, to share or simply as a starter.

To complete the Xi’an experience, Murger Hanhan serves drinks originating from the Xi’an area and is currently the only restaurant in Europe where you can find these on the menu . Xi’an rice wine can be served hot or cold and contains 0.5 per cent alcohol, making it a perfect drink to complement a business lunch. It’s a smooth, sweet drink and makes – if served hot – a heartwarming experience in the calming atmosphere of the restaurant. Alternatively, the restaurant also offers the standard selection of soft drinks, tea and alcoholic drinks.

Murger Hanhan is ideal if you are looking for freshly prepared and incredibly tasty Chinese cuisine in the heart of London. It offers great vegan and vegetarian dishes as well as traditional meat options. Check out their traditional clay pot dishes as well!

A sister restaurant, Murger Han, can be found in Euston.  riddle_stop 2


Enquiries: Murger Hanhan, 8A Sackville Street, Piccadilly, London W1S 3DF / 0207 7340300 / www.murgerhan.com/#mayfair

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