Take Your Vitamins

A chocolate bar that is full of vitamins rather than sugar. True story or too good to be true?

Review by Izzy Ashton

A bar of chocolate has always been my go-to treat whether it is as a snack at the end of a long day or just simply an indulgence whenever I fancy. So imagine my excitement when Artisan du Chocolat announced their latest venture called Nutricoa. The company have released two different types of chocolate bar, Beauty and Well-Being (both specifically for women), which contain their own supply of essential vitamins and super foods. I couldn’t contain my excitement.

It seemed to me a simple yet incredibly effective idea: you buy the chocolate in packs of seven, one for each day of the week. Each little chocolate bar has a message on the back corresponding to whatever day of the week it is, whether it was which vitamins are needed for energy on a slow Monday morning or which allow your body to chill out and recover on a Sunday. The nature of the seven bars per week ensures a certain level of portion control with the snack, helping you maintain your own self-control around the chocolate, something I severely struggle with.

The chocolate is 70 per cent pure cocoa and is then sweetened with a bit of honey. As a dark chocolate fan already, I was pretty interested to see how the chocolate would live up to the well-established favourites in my cupboard. Initially I wasn’t that excited by the flavour, as the high level of cocoa totally masked the honey’s sweetness.

But by the second day I found myself genuinely looking forward to the chocolate. Because of its richer flavour, the chocolate bar does not feel like a completely sweet snack but rather just a satisfying hit of energy. It also meant that I wasn’t automatically reaching for a shop-bought ‘healthy’ snack bar often saturated with hidden sugars and sweeteners.

The question is, did it make me feel any different? Well in reality, it’s impossible to tell after just one week, much the same, as it would be implementing any dietary change on your body. But, the fact that I can, supposedly, eat one bar of chocolate per day instead of forgoing a snack altogether, and it’s not bad for me?! Well, I’d never say no to that…. riddle_stop 2

Enquiries: Artisan du Chocolat, www.artisanduchocolat.com

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