Charlie McCorry Talks to Riddle About her Journey to the Perfect 10 Perfect Mobile Beauty Offer

Beauty expert Charlie McCorry has trained an elite team of therapists offering the best treatments to London’s top tier

Article by Tori Snowball

It’s easy to see why Charlie McCorry is the therapist of choice to London and the world’s crème de la crème; instantly warm and welcoming Charlie has that very calm aura around her of a great therapist but she has also built a solid business out of her talent.

With 15 years’ in the industry, from starting out as a Saturday girl in South London to heading up seven salons across Surrey and finding her calling as the first and hugely successful franchisee of Harrods; Urban Retreat at Home, Charlie has an covetable black book and history. Still a practising therapist despite running both her mobile beauty company Perfect 10 and its luxury division Black Label, Charlie is driven and dedicated to providing the best and most bespoke treatments to her enviable client list.

Perfect 10 was created four and a half years ago and Charlie refers to it as “a salon on the road” – inspired to provide treatments for time poor Londoners, “when you work all day you need an appointment at eight, nine or 10 pm but all the salons are closed, and I thought to myself ‘we are losing so much business by not providing for the people who travel extensively, work long hours or the mums are looking after their children all day’.”

Her luxury division Black Label was born in March 2016 for Charlie’s elite clients, working on tight and last minute schedules, “I was travelling all over the world with clients and I thought, hang on there is something here; they don’t want to book in advance, they want a service when they want it and they want the very best. To be knowledgeable, to provide something different, and I knew I had to step up my game.”

Charlie has assembled a team of 37 dedicated and on-call therapists who work under the membership only Black Label – an all-encompassing beauty and wellness concierge service. “I think there are so many companies out there who say they are 24 hours, but are they really? We really do work throughout the night. We offer everything from the blow dry before you got out to the massage before bed, fixing a chipped manicure, and even just giving product and wellness advice.”

Charlie’s team travel the world, with families, individuals even celebrities and confidentiality is key to building a rapport with their clients, “I have a team at Cannes film festival at the moment, a person out in Hawaii and a therapist in Bali currently. It’s really rare to find therapists who can do everything and it’s taken many years to build my portfolio so I have a solid team who can offer everything all in one trip.”

The therapists train extensively with Charlie for six months and each therapist has a dedicated customer base to offer a very personal level of service, “when you are in a client’s home nobody else matters” adds Charlie. Treatments are completely bespoke and tailored on an appointment by appointment basis using the best ingredients. Manicures and pedicures incorporate a Hawaiian salt scrub where you can choose from 12 different types of grain followed by a range of Essi nail varnishes.

Charlie uses boutique brands like Natura Bissé for skincare bringing luxury spa treatments into people’s homes, “we bring a five star service set up with everything from bed linens, duvets, towels and bathrobes and slippers. We use a lavender room mist to purify the air and use music so it doesn’t feel like you are in your living room, it’s the whole ambience.”
Perfect 10 and Black Label also work with brands like My Cup of Tea who have created a special infusion of lavender and chamomile; clients also slip into their branded slippers and bath robes before their treatments, as Charlie pertinently puts it, “it’s the little things that matter which helps give a great service.”

Charlie, you have had a very full career, what is your greatest highlight?
The travel is great and I have done some amazing trips, one time I quickly flew to New York to do a manicure for a singer before a gig in Maddison Square Gardens – I also got asked to give a vocal massage, so I quickly developed something and apparently it helped massively! I also lived with a family over Christmas – I thought my fiancée would kill me! They were so great, they invited me for Christmas dinner and as I walked in I couldn’t believe the amount of Hollywood actors just sitting around the table. They were so wonderful thought and they ended up flying my fiancée over for me as a surprise! Every week and every day is different but you literally feel like part of the family, it’s great to now see my therapists experience this and living that life, the excitement of doing these treatments and going to these amazing places.

What’s your greatest challenge?
Keeping it genuine and personable and ensuring that standards are high, especially with Black Label to offer something really different. But also making sure that my staff are happy and that we are building a business that they are proud to be a part of. I have a life coach and nutritionist on hand for my team to help cope with the stress of travelling a lot and busy schedules.

When I first started, mobile beauty wasn’t well known and was almost frowned upon, I was one of the first companies to do it and it was hard to get beauty brand on board. Mobile is now massive – just look at Deliveroo and Uber, everyone in London is so time poor and it’s getting worse so luckily now it’s very acceptable to have a massage at home at 10pm at night. It’s becoming the norm.”

What is your favourite treatment?
I am proud to have the best masseuses under my Black Label team, they really listen to someone’s body – it’s a powerful treatment that’s booked daily. I love our facials too – the diamond energy facial is insane.

Imagine you get invited to a last minute event, you have an hour to get ready, what is your go to service to make sure you look and feel incredible?
For me it’s my hair, I would 100 per cent have a blow dry and a quick diamond facial glow mask – it helps your make up hold better and will make me look like I have been lying on a massage table for two hours and not running around like a loon…

What are your essential beauty products?
The oxygen range from Natura Bissé just works. I used to suffer massively with acne and it has really helped; (I carry the same kit as my therapists) so they are my go to products. I would also change my nail colour every day, nails have become so much of a fashion accessory and women can really show their personality and how they are feeling through their nail polish. Everyone feels better when you have your nails done.
I am also addicted to Connock London Kukui Oil Radiant Glow Body Oil, I have it everywhere with me, it’s great for dry skin and psoriasis. I have even used it in a last minute massage before! Kukai oil is a trend ingredient; we are going to start seeing it everywhere.

What is your sense of style?
I am very down to earth and not a fashionista at all! I live in Reiss and Zara but then accessorize with a Hermes handbag. I do have an addiction to stationary like Smythson and Aspinal of London, anywhere I go in the world I get a notebook!

What’s next for the beauty industry?
We will see mobile develop further and great brands being associated with mobile beauty. We are also creating treatment protocols for independent brands such as Marks and Spencer’s, Burberry, Scholl and even Radox- making products into a treatment to offer it to the press and consumers.

What’s next for Black Label?
We have just launched personal trainers to increase the wellness offering which is great and we have three new programmes: Beach by Black Label, Yacht by Black Label and in September we launch Ski by Black Label

With Beach & Yacht by Black Label we are working with private villa and luxury yachts allowing customers to select 24 hour beauty on demand with one dedicated member of staff – we have also made some Black Label Havaiana flip flops!

For Ski by Black Label we work with ski chalets globally or families staying in hotels who want to use us instead of in-house therapists. Treatments are tailored so we provide sports massage, injury recovery, stretching before hitting the slopes and recovery massages as well as nails and hair before dinner. After skiing everyone wants a massage but it’s such a party place. We provide oxygen facials if clients are becoming dehydrated and to fix those red noses – we will even do a treatment on the slopes! One of the scariest moments of my life was with a client on a ski trip, I was helicoptered up to a huge run where my client had really bad cramp so I did a ten minute massage before he skied off. I am not the most confident skier and there was no way I was going down on my own so I went down on my bum until I found someone to take me down!

What Phrase or motto do you live by?
Never say no because where there’s a will there’s a way; and also nothing worth having is easy.

If you weren’t running Perfect 10 and Black Label what would you be doing?
I don’t know anything else but beauty! Although I did used to want to work on a safari and look after animals if it wasn’t looking after people… maybe I could be a sports masseur for a cheetah! Once when I was with a client I gave their dog a massage as its owner was worried it was having a nightmare! riddle_stop 2


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