A Small Step into the West End

Two up and coming British brands, FEARS Watches and Gownsmith have taken natty digs in Piccadilly Arcade for the whole of October

Article by Rupert Watkins

An elegant thoroughfare beckoning the dapper gent, Piccadilly Arcade has welcomed two small brands for the whole of October and start of November 2018 as they take a pop up. Re-founded in 2016 by the great grandson of its previous managing director Nicholas Bowman-Scargill, FEARS watches have garnered a loyal following as it moved beyond its initial Redcliffe quartz watch and in 2017 launched its first mechanical model, the Brunswick.

A newer company, Gownsmith has just been launched in Autumn 2018 by Tom Beecroft who also runs the Jaunty Flaneur shoe shine and patina service. Born out of his desire to offer something individual and luxurious in dressing gowns, the garments are tailored from a range of fabrics and there is the option of made to measure. Tom is looking to base the design cut more along the lines of a coat rather a shirt with a more defined and roped shoulder and bolder lapel.

“Having a pop up – an actual physical store – so well centrally located is wonderful,” enthuses Nicholas, “not only are there the walk past customers in Piccadilly Arcade but it’s so easy for supporters and enthusiasts to swing by after work. There’s no reason not to!”

Alongside these two chic brands, a third is launching during the pop up. Kit Blake is a tailor with a difference. Focusing on separates, and especially trousers, rather than full suits, founders Christopher Modoo and Richard Wheat have sensed the revolt against overly skinny, shoddily made denim and chino and offer correctly tailored, comfortable and proportioned legwear – be it for a bit of casual class, business attire or the Royal Enclosure. Stylish blazers and overcoats are also part of their offering. Their launching one-day event takes place on Wednesday October 17th.

Taking their spot – if only for a short time – in the prestigious environs of Piccadilly Arcade also offers these three stylish whippersnapper brands something priceless. As the latest in a long line of distinguished British gentlemen’s outfitters, they are sitting amongst some of the most prestigious names in English menswear, “this is the place to come, it is famous for the firms around us,” says Nicholas, “there are Royal Warranted firms opposite us. For a brief time, we can place our offerings alongside these amazing brands, tap into their custom and the interest the world has in this refined part of town and the remarkable goods you can find here.” riddle_stop 2


Enquires: FEARS, Gownsmith & Kit Blake, 12 Piccadilly Arcade, St James’s, London SW1 6NH / open until 8pm seven day a week for duration of pop up

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