Nothing spells S- T- Y- L- E like a pocketful of silk

Pocket squares ooze sartorial elegance and flair like no other accessory. Stylish and sophisticated, they are the little extra that will bring your outfit together, showcase your individuality and boost your confidence

Article by Marie Dubald, founder of Jeya Narrative, courtesy of her blog

Much is said on how to wear a pocket square – the do’s and don’t’s of what is acceptable and what should be avoided when it comes to folding.

The elegance and beauty of the pocket square lies in its effortless style – and to this end, we think that a simple puffed up fold is actually the best. Whilst structured folds do have their place, there is a certain confidence and sprezzatura-like nonchalance that emanates from a more casual fold.

Whilst many still prefer to wear a more traditional polka dot or plain coloured pocket square; we favour squares that have a story to tell and that are not so ubiquitous, thereby enhancing your own narrative too. Part decorative, part conversation starter, it is a reflection of the wearer, especially when unveiled to show the full design.

Just like sporting colourful socks, a pocket square enhances the fact that you take pride in your appearance and pay attention to details.

Gone are the days when white linen pocket squares, worn solely with a white shirt, and exposed only of about 1/4 to 1/2 inch atop the pocket, was the only acceptable way to be worn. Nowadays, pocket squares are available in countless designs which, combined with various folds, give them their very unique, effortless beauty. A pocket square can define your personal signature style like almost no other accessory can. Here are 7 style tips on how best to wear your pocket square:

1. Pocket squares are no longer reserved for special occasions. A pocket square may have become an everyday stylish accessory but it has not lost its elegant impact. Wear one with confidence, every day.

2. Your pocket square should not match your tie (you don’t want to look like George Clooney at the royal wedding). Instead it should complement (by highlighting an accent colour for instance) or contrast it.

3. The colour and design of your pocket square should reflect your mood, or the occasion. Choose subdued colours or indeed a plain white pocket square for black tie events, or indulge in puffy folds and brighter colours for more smart casual occasions.

4. Avoid wearing pocket squares that are too big. If the pocket square is too big or the fabric too bulky, it will make it difficult to fold without it looking bulgy (and that’s not a good look). If in doubt (or if you are a newbie wearer), prefer silk pocket squares of around 30/35cm.

5. Should your pocket square have a logo or initials embroidered onto it, this should not be on display (the same applies of course to any care labels the pocket square might have).

6. Hand-rolled edges are preferable. They add a nice weight to the pocket square so it sits better, and they look more distinguished when using a fold with tips showing. Hand-rolled edges are not only a sign of quality, they also demonstrate an attention to details and an appreciation of sartorial heritage.

7. The pocket square should balance out your outfit. If your suit or shirt is heavily patterned, go for a more subtle pattern with your square. Similarly, if you suit or jacket is a little plain, don’t be afraid to show some patterns and colours. The beauty (as well as convenience and cost-efficiency) of the pocket square of course, is that you can adjust the fold to show different sections of the design, making it perfect to take you from day at the office to evening dinner party at just a fold change. riddle_stop 2

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