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This iconic range of candles developed by The Great British snack pioneer, Mr Trotter, includes three characteristically British aromas which celebrate distinctively British drinks. All three fragrances perfectly compliment Mr Trotter’s pork crackling as undeniable imbued with Britishness.

Approximate burn time 55 hours



Candles from Mr Trotter

Gin made it big-time during the reign of William & Mary via William’s love of Dutch ‘ genever’. Gin can be based on a wide variety of fermentable sugars, such as wheat, grapes and potatoes, and made into spirit. Then botanicals are added, with juniper at the helm, but with a flurry of other options such as orange and lemon peel, star anise, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg and so on.

India Pale Ale of the 19th century were highly hopped creatures, underpinned by loads of luscious sweet malts. They spent months on a boat out to India, their hops and barley malt flavours infusing as they went. Each hop has its own distinct flavour, aroma and power, and with a host of different essential oils, just like candles. 

Whisky has been created in Ireland and Scotland since time immemorial, and recently English distilleries are getting in on the act. For those special Malt whiskies, barley is the base; and the distilled spirit is aged in oak barrels. But many malts, like those of the Island of Islay, have a special character, derived from the peat with which they are smoked.

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Mr Trotter

Gin, IPA, Whisky

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