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Spirited Sermons    

Riddle spends an evening sampling the Pot Stills of Middleton Distillery with Jameson Irish Whiskey  

A brisk walk down Goodge Street and the common man will inadvertently overlook The Reverend JW Simpson. As with many things in life, the signs are there, you just need to be mindful and open to them. For those with purpose and aim, The Reverend is the perfect stop to help nurture and guide those who find themselves on the path of the water of life; indeed on this particular evening we were fortunate to receive a masterclass in Irish Whiskey by brand ambassador Liam Sparks of Middleton Distillery.

The service at The Reverend is fantastic. Knowledgeable staff will sit you down and guide you through their menu offering advice as to each cocktail’s particular DNA. On this particular evening The Reverend conducted a masterclass in Irish Pot Still Whiskey, so in association with Middleton Distillery the menu featured single malt pot still whiskey cocktails. I chose the Bloody Sunday (Redbreast 12yo, Limoncello, Italian vermouth and blood orange juice) while my companion had the Lotus Orange Bliss (Powers John Lane 12yo, lotus flower honey, fresh lemon juice served long with a top of orange blossom soda). The Bloody Sunday was a fantastic combination of chilled refreshment, which surprisingly wasn’t too sweet while the Lotus Orange Bliss was an explosion of citrus fruits. The temptation to have a second is overwhelming but I know the whiskey tasting is coming and more cocktails before trying whiskey just has danger written all over it.

After our round of starter cocktails we were invited to attend our class in Irish Whiskey, which as it transpired, featured an abridged Irish history lesson whilst tasting three whiskies. Converted into a distillery in 1825 by James, Daniel and Jeremiah Murphy, the old distillery is now used as a visitors centre called the Jameson Experience and sits adjacent to the New Middleton Distillery; the new distillery built following the merger between Irish whiskey distillers in an attempt to reverse the decline in national sales. The new distillery is the largest in Ireland with a production capacity of 64 million litres per year. Green spot (so named due to the practice of marking casks with spots of different coloured paint) was a great introduction to still pot whisky, due to the unmalted barley so it can not be called a single malt. The second whisky was Redbreast, my personal favourite, with Jameson 15yo bringing up the rear. riddle_stop 2

Enquiries; Reverend JW Simpson, 32 Goodge Street , W1T 2QJ/ 020 3174 1155/

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