Solve the Riddle at this Sherlock – Inspired Cottage

Escape and scour the moors, staying at The Riddle Cottage in North Bovey

Article by Melanie Baker from Unique Homestays

As Sherlock returns to our screens for the fourth series, Conan Doyles’ master detective has sprinkled his mystery and intrigue through the twisting narrow roads of North Bovey in Devon. Set amidst Dartmoor’s heather-covered moorland – rich in folktales and scattered with prehistoric remains, box-like tombs and mediaeval settlements – luxury thatched Riddle Cottage has been inspired by the mystery and seclusion of its breath-taking surroundings; recently re-designed to flaunt its own quirky stylish Sherlock-inspired touches.

As you enter The Riddle and your eyes wander over the rustic stone walls and oak beams paired with cosy fur throws, you’ll be drawn to the central table. Curled into a scroll and sealed with a silk bow, here lies your first clue. Next, the owner challenges you to solve the riddle and unlock the hidden floorboard chamber.

A wooden staircase leads you to the Sherlock-themed bedroom and there lies the chamber, enticing you with its hidden content, but remember;

“‘It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.” Sherlock Holmes – A Scandal in Bohemia

*Cue tense chords and long stretches of brooding notes* your brow furrowed and fingers arched tensely gripping the original Dartmoor prison lock. You’ll feel like Sherlock himself cracking The Riddle’s code to discover the chambers secret. What’s hidden inside? Well, you’ll have to stay and find out for yourself…

Footnote: just don’t do what one recent guest did and hand-cuff himself to the radiator (true story). riddle_stop 2


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