Riddle me This…Aldwyn Boscawen

 Up close and personal with Aldwyn Boscawen, former financier and founder of the UK’s first and only gentleman’s pedicure room, Aldwyn & Sons

If you knew then what you know now……….would you still do it?
100%. I know a lot more now than I did when I left my previous job to start up Aldwyn & Sons. Hindsight is a beautiful thing and a lot of what I know now is about how to better manage the decision-making process. I have kept very open to ideas and suggestions throughout the business’ launch phase, which has allowed me to learn a great deal. I went in with the attitude that this was my best guess, not the definitive solution.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? 
‘Slow down to speed up’ really resonates with me. I’ve received plenty of advice on a practical level, but the most important thing is how it is interpreted. Taking the time to digest is really important to allowing yourself to get the best out of it. Sometimes when I feel like everything is going at 100mph, I greatly benefit from taking a step back and breaking things down to make sure I am not making decisions in haste and overlooking details.

What’s the weirdest rumour you’ve ever heard about yourself? 
I can’t say that I am important enough for people to talk about! Although, I often get asked whether I started a pedicure business because I have a foot fetish. I have to stop that rumour before it starts because I do not!

What was your biggest break? 
I hope that my biggest break is still to come! I believe that everything happens for a reason. It was a huge opportunity to be offered a job in finance, away from investment management which was what I was convinced would be best for me. Looking back on it now, this was the biggest break, as I reckon I had hugely misjudged my career trajectory.

Do you consider yourself lucky? 
The polar opposite as I think there is a big difference between luck and fortune. I would say that I have been very fortunate, but I cannot remember the last bit of luck I had! I do not think that anybody owes me anything, but at the same time I know that luck can happen and will be pleasantly surprised if I get some.

What’s most important in your life? 
Family. You cannot choose them, and they cannot choose you. It is that bond that is so important. I am very grateful for my family and do not know where I would be without them. My son means the world to me.

What brands do you admire? 
PaddyPower. They produce great online and social content, whilst sailing very close to the wind. The way the brand is marketed within a competitive space truly sets them apart from the competition. I particularly enjoy the advertisements the brand creates in the knowledge that they will undoubtedly be banned and the coverage this receives. A very clever marketing exercise!

Do you have a guilty pleasure – if so what is it? 
Sticky Toffee Pudding. I tend to ask for it in a restaurant even if it is not on the menu. It has worked in the past!

Describe your personal sense of style. 
I have no specific sense of style. I am smart during the week and for events, however at the weekend this can go the other way. I dress according to the weather and where I am going – linen in summer and wool in winter. I feel as I grow up, I am getting better at turning out slightly smarter.  riddle_stop 2

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