Riddle me this… Dr Helen Johnson

Up close and personal with the founder of Goddess Acumen and practitioner in Integrated Energy Techniques

If you knew then what you know now… would you still do it? 
No, I would be braver! Or is that a yes? Yes, and I would be even braver! However, in terms of some energy zapping relationships, jobs, and lifestyle choices, my answer would be no. I love a bit of risk, challenge, change etc… but there is no need to hang onto bad energies out of fear. Those are the only decisions I regret. Also, I would have spent more time with my mum and pretty much everyone else in my life who is great.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
‘Marry a kind man’. Kindness should not be confused with weakness. I truly believe kindness should be our navigation system when it comes to all kinds of relationships – friendships, work, love, all of it.

What was your biggest break?
I never had one big break – I had a lot of small things happen and a lot of great people who helped. My biggest though was probably discovering EFT and doing more wellbeing work – that was the single most life changing thing that happened to me in terms of my own development.

What’s the weirdest rumour you’ve ever heard about yourself?
I once heard- three years after the alleged incident- that I had knocked on someone’s door proclaiming my love for them and making a scene. I did nothing of the sort! It was interesting to me that even close friends had accepted this as true! Shows how cool I used to play things…

Do you consider yourself lucky?
Yes and no. Luck takes work. On the other hand, I do feel blessed. I am always aware of how much luck I am creating for myself – I feel like sometimes I am in flow and other times I am stuck. I try to work on what is going on that is blocking my ‘luck’.

What’s most important in your life?
Laughing with people. I love sharing those moments, whether with friends or strangers. Also, the people that I love – but that’s obvious! And surfing. It keeps me sane (even though I’m really bad at it).

What brands do you admire?
I admire personal brands that are brave, honest, and entertaining – friends of mine doing beautiful things in the wellbeing industry. On a different level, I admire Oprah Winfrey. Her brand is off the scale. She’s the ultimate queen. As you can tell, I admire brands that are voices…

Do you have a guilty pleasure – if so what is it?
Oh goodness, it’s TERRIBLE but I love reality TV. I just find it fascinating. I think you can find the humanity in it through all the nonsense and also I guess I like the gossipy element. I can’t pretend it’s all highbrow! 50% human behaviour/50% juicy gossip.

Describe your personal sense of style.
My style is about using my femininity to do the talking – I am tall and curvy so I like to keep classic with clean lines, beautiful colours and things that accentuate my shape. If I followed trends it would be a disaster! In fact, this is what I like in general (I’m totally into Japanese interiors).  riddle_stop 2

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