Riddle me This… Ellie Wales

Up close and personal with the founder of Whale of a Time Clothing

If you knew then what you know now……….would you still do it?
Yes 100 per cent, it is good to give yourself challenges and to overcome them. I think it’s important to learn from everything you do, I’ve learnt lessons from things along the way. At the beginning of any business, a lot is trial and error and if you don’t try it, you won’t know whether it works or not. If it doesn’t, you can learn from why and how it could. If it does, that’s just a bonus!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
Find someone or something you admire and strive to be better.

What’s the weirdest rumour you’ve ever heard about yourself?
That I must have so many people working for me at Whale Of A Time Clothing HQ, which isn’t the case right now, it’s just me!

What was your biggest break?
When Binky Felstead from Made in Chelsea wore one of our original sweatshirts, that was a proud moment of brand recognition for me.

Do you consider yourself lucky?
Yes, I do consider myself lucky. However, I also believe that hard work and luck tend to come together. If you stay motivated, passionate about what you do and work hard, you can enjoy the results that follow.

What’s most important in your life?
Making sure I have a good work life balance. Finding time for a social life outside of my work life can be challenging at times, as I’m fully involved in every aspect of the brand. As it’s just me at the moment, it takes up the majority of my time, but it is important to take time out when you can and have a social life!

What brands do you admire?
I have always admired Tommy Hilfiger because I love how they are continually bringing out timeless designs, incorporating their fabulous bold colours. Their pieces are classic, but they have never been afraid to be different and stand out.

Do you have a guilty pleasure – if so what is it?
My guilty pleasure would be copious amounts of chocolate – you’ve got to love a sweet treat!

Describe your personal sense of style.
Relaxed – you will always find me in an oversized sweatshirt. I just love being comfortable and cosy in cool, casual wear that reflects my love of being by the coast!  riddle_stop 2

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