Stylistic Surprises…?

What dress option will the groom go with this weekend…? One hopes he doesn’t raid the hackneyed fancy dress box…

Article by James Sherwood

Families, eh? One can hardly believe that three days before the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, a supposed scandal has erupted vis Ms Markle’s father Thomas staging paparazzi shots of he being measured-up for a suit and trawling the internet for information about Prince Harry.

I find this story rather fishy actually. It seems incredible to me that Thomas Markle hasn’t even met Prince Harry yet though mother Doria Radlan has been introduced to him. Neither can I believe that the Kensington Palace press office didn’t manage Mr Markle. Would it have killed them to have flown the poor chap over a couple of weeks in advance and taken him to a decent tailor for his morning tails?

One suspects that Ms Markle is somewhat understandably beady about her past. There are half-sisters she dropped like a hot brick when Suits fame beckoned. She also lost a husband when the prospect of marrying a Prince appeared on the horizon. As it has been pointed out many times over, like Wallis Simpson Meghan Markle is an American divorcee. She is also mixed race though the fact that this has to invite comment says more about those who point it out than it does about Ms Markle. But first and foremost, she is an actress.

I was all for Meghan Markle until it was announced she wouldn’t act having walked down the aisle with Prince Harry but would instead concentrate on charity work. Really? Giving-up Hollywood to marry a Prince certainly didn’t do Grace Kelly any favours. I suspect the role of Royal Duchess might be a bit limiting to Ms Markle and agree with Dame Helen Mirren that we’d respect her so much more if she didn’t give up her career to marry the Prince. That said, Prince Harry is evidently gaga about Ms Markle and she is evidently delighted to be wearing childhood heroine the late Diana, Princess of Wales’s diamonds on her engagement finger.

But the burning issue of the day for us is not whether Thomas Markle will attend but how many precedents this particular royal wedding will break. Many believe the prince will choose uniform over morning tails to complete the Disney picture of what a prince should wear when he weds. In 2011 Prince William wore the scarlet uniform of a Colonel in the Irish Guards that was very badly tailored.

However, Prince Harry is not serving in the Armed Forces at present so I suspect he will wear black morning tails with hound’s tooth trousers hopefully tailored for him by an august Savile Row house such as Ede & Ravenscoft, Henry Poole & Co or Davies & Son. Prince Harry’s existing morning tails – Gieves & Hawkes I believe – have trousers like barrage balloons. Let’s hope the cut will be more youthful for his wedding suit.

Like Prince Philip, Prince William does not wear a wedding ring. I sincerely hope that Prince Harry will. It does smack of possession to put a ring on the lady’s finger then not want to wear a demonstration of one’s love and commitment in return. I rather like the Prince Charles precedent of wearing a Welsh gold wedding ring underneath a signet on the pinky finger of the left hand.

Of course fools rush in to make predictions about who will wear whom at a Royal Wedding and Prince Harry could indeed surprise us all. I hope the wedding isn’t too military although his former regiments will be on call as an honour guard. My guess is that it will more closely resemble Royal Ascot with tailcoats and formal day dress with substantial hats for the ladies. Perhaps Doria will walk Ms Markle down the aisle. That would please the right-on modernisers no end. But I also predict nothing will be allowed to get in the way of the star of this particular show. riddle_stop 2


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