Pasta Like Mama Makes It 

Seeking truly fresh pasta? Search no more as Savurè has opened in Shoreditch 

Review by Andy Barnham

Pasta is one of those comfort foods that’s actually rather tricky to get truly right. Opening its first eatery outside of Italy (the other is in Turin), Savurè looks to bring the very best, freshly made pasta to London.

Tucked away on Paul Street, it’s within striking distance of the City. Small, light and minimalist in décor the emphasis here is clearly on the exceedingly fresh pasta. No detail is too small, as Riccardo Andreoni, one of the owners explains, “we realised British eggs weren’t quite the right viscosity for us so each week we import our eggs from Italy.” All the ingredients are sourced from that country, Riccardo smiles when he said the only thing they had to accept was slightly harder London water.

Given it’s only their second store, Riccardo was convinced that London was the right place to come straight away. “It’s taken us a year to find the right location and open” he explains, “but London is so vibrant with so many different food cultures and people it was the obvious choice.” The pasta is all made fresh every day – none is kept for over two days. As Riccardo says, “pasta is meant to be eaten fresh – when it is light and doesn’t sit heavily.” Savurè serves a range of pastas and gnocchi from across all of Italy – be it chick pea pacherri traditionally associated with Naples through to agnolotti and pansotti that are found in the North West of the country.

Alongside the fresh pasta, Savurè has sourced a small but well-formed wine list. No larger than 14 bottles, some delicious reds and proseccos have been found. Riccardo deals direct with a number of smaller vineyards. riddle_stop 2

Enquiries: Savure, 20 Paul Street, Shoreditch, London EC2A 4JH / 0207 5399322 /

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