Diving, Surfing, and Sea Salt

Get the surfer dude look with the latest in men’s hair styling – sea salt sprays

Article by Nick Gilbert

With the recent Olympic season just passed, we’ve really been in the mood to hit the beach. Ideally in Rio, but we’ll make do with that annual “urban beach” (or more accurately, patch of sand…) on the Southbank for now. The whole atmosphere of the Olympics is awe inspiring – and Team GB even managed to finish in second on the medal table – improving on our success at home back in London 2012!

We’ve always found it bewildering that the divers bother to style their hair throughout the Olympic competitions – some of them even seem to have found some casual look that they restyle in-between dives. It’s impressive but curious – they land head first in a pool, but somehow their hair still looks good every time they step up to the board. How do they manage it?

Surfing is set to be added to the Olympic competition in Tokyo 2020 (with a vote pending) bringing the sport to a much wider audience. Although it’s likely that they’ll build a pool with a wave machine (Japan’s beaches aren’t particularly well known for being great for surfing), many of the surfers will probably still be sporting that beach fresh look that everyone else envies.

Pall Mall Barbers have recently launched a Sea Salt Spray – customers in the barber shops have been asking for something that would help create texture and a messy, undone look without full-on hold – to address such a need.

It’s a simple to use product – spray evenly onto mid-lengths and roots of towel dried hair and work through to create texture. Don’t towel dry after you’ve applied it, and you’ll be well on your way to look as though you’ve just walked out of the sea carrying your surfboard in Honolulu, rather than the slightly less cool look of being smashed in the face by a wave as you come flying off a body board in Newquay.

Whilst we wait for the next Olympic competition in Tokyo, don’t forget to watch the super humans in the Paralympics in Rio when they start in early September. We’ll be cheering on Team GB. And practicing our surfing for 2020. riddle_stop 2


Enquiries: PMB Sea Salt Styling Spray: www.pallmallbarbers.com/shop/sea-salt-spray/

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