Beast shows you how to make Scents of your Christmas Shopping

Don’t find yourself with a scent faintly reminiscent of lavatory cleaner this season – or quite frankly ever… Hop over to Covent Garden’s BEAST to sample a few of the best independent brands out there and work out what works for your skin

It was a workplace Secret Santa several years ago now that one of my colleagues presented another with the Britney Spears perfume set. This was the first and thankfully last time I became aware that the Britney brand had extended quite so far beyond music – and I think it was a fairly hearty lesson in the limitations of brand expansion. If my memory serves me correctly the set consisted of a perfume, a shower gel and possibly a room spray. All of which were rendered in vibrant, one could say overpowering, pink and smelling quite a lot like a candy floss themed child brothel in purgatory. You only know the real look of veiled disappointment when you see people open presents that misjudged.

But it needn’t be this way, there is no reason that colognes and perfumes need to be bought from airport duty frees and those really large Tescos that you get near ring roads. Fragrances and in particular men’s fragrances have come a long way; innovative and independent fragrance brands have grown hugely more popular as an increasing number of men realise that the marginal cost of buying something made well and in small batches is fairly small and the marginal pleasure is huge. To bring all of these yule time scent based dreams to fruition London’s Beast is launching “Adventures in scent” to showcase some of their best independent and hand crafted perfumes for men.

Why exactly it’s called “Adventures in Scent” we’re not entirely sure as it does sound slightly like something a horrible older brother would dupe you in to and it would end up involving someone farting in your face but we’re confident that isn’t what BEAST is about. The whole thing is really to make shopping for scents for Christmas a lot better and more pleasurable. Although better known as an all over men’s grooming shop Beast does carry a fantastic array of scents focusing on independent and handmade fragrances such as Haeckels with whom they had a pop up last year.

The Pop will take in fan favourites from D.S and Durga, Tom Daxon and of course Haeckels amongst several others and will occupy the lower ground floor of their flagship seven Dials shop from the 30th of November until the 24th of December. There will be limited edition products and a gift wrapping service to boot. riddle_stop 2


Enquires: BEAST, Earlham Street, Seven Dials, London, WC2H 9LL / 0203 793 2333 /

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