Cast off the Christmas Jumper

It’s time to bring back old school elegance this Festive Season!

Article by Stephen Edwards of Edwards London

Christmas is nearly upon us, meaning party season will soon be in full swing. Although it may be tempting to fish out that garish Christmas jumper, there is an alternative route you may want to consider. This year make sure people remember your style choices for all the right reasons by following these simple steps to black tie excellence.

The most important part of the outfit is the dinner suit itself. It is the foundation around which everything else is built, setting the tone for the entire outfit. As with all tailoring the main priority is the fit. Far too many men either wear the wrong size or leave their clothes untailored, which inevitably ruins their overall look. If you don’t have the time to go bespoke, find an alteration tailor who is up to the job. A perfect fit will show off your frame and give you a sleek silhouette. When it comes to the jacket, opt for either a peak lapel or shawl collar with a grosgrain facing and ensure this detailing extends to the trousers, with a single matching gallon running along the length of the leg. To maintain a clean look, avoid vents and go for jetted pockets set at a straight angle. Belts are a big no-no. I much prefer side adjusters, or braces for some old-world style. This fine dinner suit from Chester Barrie exudes classic style. Adding a vest to the ensemble is a lovely alternative to a double-breasted dinner jacket, but make sure it is deep fronted as opposed to being in the style of a lounge suit waistcoat.

Sitting beneath the ensemble is the shirt. Keep it simple with white or ivory in a twill weave, finished with a Marcella pique bib to combine formality with flexibility, seen here with this tailored fit dress shirt from Budd. Why not complete the look with this mother of pearl cufflink and dress stud set from Deakin & Francis, allowing you to convey both style and elegance effortlessly.

Now for the finishing touches! For the bowtie, choose a classic silk number also from evening wear specialists Budd. A clean white pocket square fashioned in a simple fold is a nice touch. This offering from Benson and Clegg, is just the ticket. I always like to add a silk boutonniere to elevate the elegance of the overall look – just make sure you utilise the buttonhole and hide that stem out of sight! A pair of patent leather shoes complete with silk laces, for example from John Lobb, will complete the outfit, adding a touch of finesse and an air of sophistication.

So, there you have it. Be it for a Christmas party or a New Year’s Eve celebration, with these classic ingredients you’ll be able to carry off black tie with style and grace this festive season. riddle_stop 2

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