Stylish Screen Icons

Bond… Indy…… Thomas Crown…… a veritable roll call of film’s timeless sartorial icons

Some of the best men’s fashion trends have been inspired by music – think of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and David Bowie – but it’s often film that has provided us with some of the most influential menswear looks of all time. Silver screen icons such as Fred Astaire, James Dean, Harrison Ford, Robert Redford, Paul Newman and, more recently, Daniel Craig, have all oozed sex appeal, effortless charisma and most of all, impeccable style. So much so that we’ve been emulating their wardrobes for years. Whilst our bank balances may be suffering, our style credentials are bourgeoning. We take a look back through the journals of modern menswear and recall some of the greatest Hollywood looks and how to replicate them.

Steve McQueen nailed casual clothing in the 1963 American World World II film, The Great Escape. Distressed leather jackets, rugged denim, faded sweatshirt, desert boots and khaki coloured chinos made a big appearance in this epic. Meanwhile, in Bullit, McQueen proved that he could rock a roll neck long before Daniel Craig in Spectre. Living up to his King of Cool persona, McQueen paired his navy turtleneck jumper with a tailored sports coat and a classic trench. Never one to take the easy route, McQueen lobbied to take the leading role in the original Thomas Crown Affair as it allowed him to play the sophisticated man of elegance rather than the action man roles he felt he was being offered. Certainly the resulting film with McQueen looking the part in immaculately tailored English cut three-piece suits and Persol shades has gone down in sartorial screen history.

Dr. Henry “Indiana” Jones is quite possibly the coolest fictional archaeologist that ever walked. Harrison Ford’s look is rugged and handsome, with plenty of khaki, hardy leather jackets and safari shirts and, of course, the mandatory whip. Director Stephen Spielberg and Ford famously went into the (then) Mayfair store of esteemed British hat makers Herbert Johnson (now part of Swaine Adeney Brigg) to find Indy’s “Poet” hat. Slightly modified for shooting purposes, it is still made. Where leather accessories are concerned, you could head to Pickett; you’ll need a good leather belt to hold up those cargo trousers.

Bond fans have continued to dispute who the greatest 007 agent really is, but in the style stakes, arguably it’s Craig who reigns supreme. He’s an impeccably groomed and effortlessly composed Bond. Much like his predecessors, Daniel Craig’s sartorial success in Bond has undoubtedly been the result of a series of seriously good suits. From Connery’s Anthony Sinclair through Brosnan’s Brioni to Craig’s current Tom Ford, our suave spy has worn a roll call of modern tailors who have defined the way we look at and dress in suits. However, it was Craig’s foray into casual wear in Skyfall that caused a stir. Against the backdrop of the Scottish moors, Craig is seen wearing a limited edition Barbour Beacon Heritage Sports Jacket over a blue N.Peal Oxford Round Neck cashmere sweater. Be Bond in rugged casual or a slick suit, Bond is rarely seen without a pair of Crockett & Jones’ Northampton made shoes or boots. As stylish and ageless as the spy himself, they remind us that screen style never fades. riddle_stop 2

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