Eyeline with the Skylight

Making use of a disused car park, Skylight rooftop bar is an oasis amongst the skyscrapers of East London

Review by Izzy Ashton

You don’t expect to find much as you make your way towards Tobacco Dock. City folk heading home, newspapers tucked tightly under their arms; buses rumbling through on their way to other destinations; and the odd confused looking tourist who strayed too far past the Tower of London.

But help is at hand as Skylight can now provide you with a moment of respite, should you find yourself moseying around the Southeast corner of the City.

A rooftop bar that makes use of a disused car park, Skylight is reached by an exhausting climb up concrete stone stairs (I am informed that the lift is now working, it just wasn’t when I went). But the journey up only makes the drink at the top even more worthwhile. Several bars are dotted around the space, which has free entry, while a flower-covered pergola roof provides revellers with an Instagram friendly backdrop. Croquet and lawn bowls make for little breakout areas of childlike fun.

Hosting three different types of cuisine, the rooftop caters to most palets. From burgers, of both the veggie and meat variety at We Serve Humans, to Greek meze at Yiro and delicious Thai Street Food from KraPow, you will find yourself spoilt for choice. Be wary of the queues at peak times however – you can console yourself with a delicious orange-infused beer while you wait.

The rooftop view is unparalleled as you get a clear view of the tops of skyscrapers and the houses below. As the sun sets, the tables are bathed in golden light that is complimented by the streams of fairy lights adorning the fences and wooden pergolas.

Skylight is not a lesson in revolutionary branding. But it has something to show for the originality of its location. Without a competitor in sight, Skylight looks set to cruise smoothly through the summer.

If you’re ever wandering around Wapping, bored of the packed pubs and All Bar One, wiggle your way through Tobacco Dock and onto a rooftop. It’ll have even the sweatiest, grumpiest of your friends breathing a sigh of relief as they clutch their beer to their chest. riddle_stop 2


Enquiries: Skylight, Tobacco Dock, Pennington Street Entrance, Pennington Street Car Park, Wapping, London E1W 2SF / info@skylightlondon.com / www.skylightlondon.com

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