How to Give Your Home a Luxe Touch

When it comes to adding sophistication to your space, all that glitters is not always gold. Wayfair‘s Nadia McCowan Hill, shares advice on how to bring a dash of luxury home for less

First Impressions
Whilst it’s easy for the hallway to become little more than a thoroughfare, this often featureless space is the first room that guests see, so it’s important to pay careful attention to its design and usage when trying to make a luxurious impression in your home. To give yours a more premium persona, start by clearing away the clutter. Shoes, coats and the usual detritus should be hung or stowed out of sight. You can then set to work transforming your space with some well-appointed furniture and lighting. A slim console table makes a great addition to the hallway, acting as a perfect perch for a hotel-worthy floral display as well as a pair of striking table lamps to illuminate the space. Hang a large statement mirror above your console to bring grandeur to the room.

Many opt for light paintwork the hallway, believing that airy shades will make the space seem larger, but a dark hue will actually give a more premium finish to a narrow and unremarkable space, so don’t be afraid to opt for a moody tone for added drama.

Colour Me Happy

Artfully designed spaces always have clear colouor schemes, so think about your palette when planning the rooms in the house. Shades of off white, grey and taupe are ideal base colours, which give a space a timeless look. You can then add more high voltage hues s accent shades. As a rule of thumb, avoid introducing more than four key colours into a space. Anything more and the colours start to cancel each other out which makes for a less luxurious finish.

The Light Fantastic
Statement lighting is a hallmark of any posh pad but whilst designer lights can set you back a fortune, you don’t need to overspend to get the luxe look. The most important thing to consider when illuminating your space is placement. Try wall mounting industrial sconce lights either side of a classic fireplace for an updated take on a traditional arrangement. Opting for light fittings in burnished brass or another gleaming metallic will ensure the space stays on the luxe side of urban.

For a dramatic statement, you could also hang a chandelier low over the dining room table. Multi-armed pendant lights such as the Capital Six Light Pendant make a stylish choice and offer the perfect harmony of luxury and functionality. Table lamps are another excellent way to bring a sense of ambient luxury to your home. Go for an oversized design for strong statement look and ideally have your lights on dimmer switches so that they create the perfect, opulent glow.

Editor in Chief
Clutter is the enemy of any luxurious space, so make sure that you meticulously curate the pieces that feature around your home. Get rid of tatty items that have seen better days, keep paraphernalia tidied away using hard-working furniture such as ottomans and vintage trunks and make sure that even your storage looks styled. A bookcase can be instantly turned from blah to beautiful if you arrange your reads by colour and intersperse unusual Objet D’Art.

Savvy Shopping
Perfect the art of high-low styling, marrying stand-out items with a higher price-tag alongside more affordable pieces. An original piece of art, beautifully upholstered chair or a striking cocktail cabinet will give a room impact, while fundamentals such as quality wooden flooring and curtains will bring real polish to a space.

Globe-Trotting Treasures
Infusing your home with a few global treasures will give the impression of a life-well-lived, even if you’re more likely to be visiting Bognor than Bali this year.  Look out for French-style mirrors with gilt frames and antiqued patinas or unique pieces of sculpture that look fresh from sunny shores.  Beautifully-crafted items with exotic appeal up ‘luxe factor’ in an instant.

Top Table
Decadent dining is set to be a big trend this year, so if your cutlery and crockery is passed its sell by date, it’s time for a refresh.  Go for a matt gold or rose gold style to bring instant elegance to your table top. Thick linen napkins and unchipped glassware are another must for a classic and refined table.

Five Star Sleep
You can channel the elegant style of your favourite boutique hotel by giving your bedroom an upgrade. Upholstered headboards are ideal for adding a luxe touch and if possible try not to scrimp on your mattress. Pocket sprung options offer great support or you can find the right style for you with a helpful buying guide.

Opting for matching lamps and bed side tables will bring harmony to your space. Always go for tables that feature storage, so that any bedroom clutter can be easily tidied away. Scented candles and a vase of fresh blooms look far more appealing than a mountain of books and a stack papers. You should also dress your bed to impress – two Oxford (square) pillows, two housewife (rectangular) pillows and some decorative cushions are the go-to of any bedroom stylist. A throw in addition to a duvet makes a welcome touch. An upholstered ottoman at the foot of the bed is another great addition, offering all the refined charm of a luxury hotel, while boasting ample storage.

Flower Power
Fresh flowers might be seen as something of a frippery, but they are perfect for bringing a sense of luxury home, particularly when used throughout your property. Larger arrangements work beautifully on a dining table or kitchen counter, but you can also finesse a space simply and affordably with smaller bud vases filled with fresh blooms.

Arrange smaller vessels everywhere from the downstairs lavatory to the spare room to add a touch of class to your home. If you prefer something a little less fleeting, consider the faux option. There are some fantastically realistic artificial flowers available these days and while they won’t bring any kind of aroma to your space, they will add a dash of refinement. riddle_stop 2


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