The Power of All Five Senses

Utilizing all five of one’s senses allow us to create true Biophilic designs, you are effectively cocooned in a 360-degree ambiance of peace and serenity

Column by Marie Soliman, co founder of Bergman Interiors

We, at Bergman Interiors, celebrate our senses and specialise in bringing the beauty and tranquillity of nature from outside to inside. Utilizing all five of one’s senses allow us to create true Biophilic (defined as a love and affinity for the natural world) designs, our clients are effectively cocooned in a 360-degree ambiance of peace and serenity. This results in reduced stress, blood pressure levels and heart rates, along with elevated levels of mental and physical energy, leading to an improvement in productivity, creativity and wellbeing. We love working with designer David Speakman who specialises in creating phosphorescent murals, to create a holistic and immersive experience in both residential and commercial spaces.

The sound system is always an important topic. We love working with Amina technology – giving the best 3D sound experience whilst remaining totally hidden. No speakers nor wires to be seen, the speakers are imbedded in the walls.

Touch is such an important gift we were given – it keeps us in contact with our surroundings. We aim to use different textures of warm woods or stonework alongside a variety of wools (woven, mohair) and linen to allow you to experience differing tactile sensations as you move round your home.

We use the sense of smell all the time. Be it fresh, flowery or earthy we identify and respond to many things by their smells. Strong memories can also be invoked by smells which in turn can engender a sense of security and comfort. We usually use different diffusers and candles through the house. Scents could be integrated in a water feature in the entrance in unseen way.

Provides us with details about what we see and helps us to define boundaries as our brain processes colour, contrast, shape, usage and movement. We stimulate this sense by using less expected shapes and forms rather than a typical and expected furniture pieces. Look to use unique shapes that grab your visual attention; examples of art could be an unusually framed picture or a sculpture placed in an unexpected setting to force the viewer to see the space around it differently.

Recently we created a hand tufted rug inspired by my ink art (photography by Nick Smith- rug manufactured by Colbourns, art by Marie).

What could be more inviting and welcoming than offering a cold glass of water with hint of cucumber and mint, or glass of champagne in the entrance hall? It’s never too early for champagne any way!


Home is where your heart is:

enjoy your family,

invite your friends,

more cuddles,

more tea,

more film nights.

more stretching,

more is more… riddle_stop 2


Woodwork (flooring and table) in top image from the Forest Mix selection by Oscar Ono

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