Downward Dog at Dawn

Energise and kick off the day with a spot of yoga at Cloud 23 whilst absorbing panoramic views of Manchester

Article by Catherine Ferguson

If, like me, you’re one of those people who hits the snooze button a dozen times and pulls the duvet back over your head every morning, you might be surprised to learn that all is not lost. This week, I felt like I was floating on a cloud to the office and it turns out that all I needed was a little bit of sunrise yoga.

Local yoga instructor, Will Mitchell promises to remove you from stressful city life and help to find your inner Zen, 23 floors into the sky at Cloud 23’s sunrise yoga class. From yoga virgins to Warrior pose aficionados, everyone has a unique experience at this early morning haven with stunning views of the capital of the North.

Whilst most would kick off a yoga session with their eyes closed, Will encourages you to leave them open to take in the panoramic views as far as the eye can see, with the mountains of Snowdonia to the West and the stunning Cheshire Plains to the South. The geeks among us could even spot the Lovell Telescope on the horizon.  Once the largest telescope of its kind in the world, its silhouette cuts quite a figure at Jodrell Bank Observatory in Mid-Cheshire.

For me, catering for all levels was oh so important for an inclusive session and Will had that down to a tee, tailoring the poses to suit everyone from the most seasoned Yogi to the total newcomer.

We might have been a little bleary eyed and sleep addled when we stepped into the lift and rocketed 23 floors into the clouds, by the time we hit our first downward facing dog, there was a calm and tranquil, yet rejuvenating air in the room. The uncharacteristically dazzling Mancunian sunshine beaming through the panoramic floor to ceiling windows just made the post-practice smiles even wider.

After a little bit of relaxation, the sunrise session is topped off with a great breakfast full of coffee, herbal teas, granola and fresh fruit platters. There was a wonderful conviviality that only comes from sun-drenched space, a shared experience and something just a little bit different. riddle_stop 2

Sunrise Yoga kicks off at 7.30am every Wednesday morning at Cloud 23. Tickets are £15, including breakfast, available at Sunrise Yoga in the Clouds.


Enquiries: Cloud 23, 303 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 4LQ /

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