Looking good isn’t self important, it’s self respect

A hair trim, a wet shave and a strong cup of coffee. There are worse ways to kick your day off

Review by Andy Barnham

Pampering, generally, does nothing for me. Show me a spa and I’ll ask where the gym is. Why lie on a table for an hour or so when I can build up a sweat and exhaust myself instead? And, given I started buzzing my hair to a close crop some years ago, it’s been a veritable ice age since I had need to visit a barber. So why visit Ted’s Grooming Room and break the habits of a lifetime? Well, for my sins I’ve never experienced a professional wet shave and felt a straight razor at my neck, so why not?

With over a dozen locations around London, Ted’s Moorgate establishment is the newest in the family, opening just last week. A bright and cheery environment, decorated with shaving wallpaper and assorted paraphernalia, welcomes all who step in. So, what’s your fancy; a haircut a hair wash, a shave, a trim, brow threading? Well, whatever it is, Ted’s accommodates offering a strong cup of Turkish coffee as you decide. Warning: you’ll only want one. Two maximum. All bets are off after three.

The shave started with a quick hair trim and Ted’s flaming ear (a flame is run quickly around your ears to singe off and remove any unwanted hairs) before moving onto the main event, the wet shave. Lying back in the barber’s chair a scalding hot towel was laid over my face and for a few blissful moments I could feel all the toxins and other pressures evaporate, before being lathered up and the performance begin. Having been informed beforehand, by an experienced friend, that there would be blood, even after the hot towel there was a slight tinge of apprehension as I went under the razor. However as a week of stress was carefully and skilfully purged the idea of something sharp at throat faded. Indeed, and unfortunately, the shave was over all too quickly, the shaving foam replaced with another hot towel.

Ending with a quick hair wash (don’t forget I don’t have much to wash), the visit was over in 20minutes, just as I was starting to unwind and relax… Maybe I do like pampering after all. However 20minutes is easily achievable in anyone’s day. Had one too many the night before? Had to rush to get to work this morning and you’ve got a meeting later? Or even just fancy a quick trim? 20minutes of feet up, hot towels and a bit of me time does wonders. riddle_stop 2


Enquiries: Ted’s Grooming Room/ 86 Moorgate, Finsbury, London EC2M 6SE/ 020 3397 9966/ www.tedsgroomingroom.com

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