Planning the Perfect ‘Staycation’ this Summer?

A few tips to make the most of the British countryside

With summer swiftly approaching, it’s that time of year when we all want to hang up our boots, relax and take a few days off. For some, a holiday doesn’t have to mean travelling far and with Britons making the most of a ‘staycation’ in recent years; what do we need to consider when planning the ultimate UK road trip?

Whether you’re looking to escape the city for a few days, or you simply want to enjoy some of the UK’s finest countryside, here are some handy tips for organising your summer ‘staycation’.

Pack light – The excellent thing about a short trip is you won’t have the pre-holiday packing stress that comes with travelling a distance. Embrace the minimalist lifestyle by making lists ahead of time will help you to only take what you require.

Check the weather – The UK isn’t known for constant glorious sunshine – so we recommend staying on top of weather updates on your phone app right up until you leave and don’t forget your anorak.

Get your dates right – Travelling on the roads during the school holidays will not only add time to your journey, it could add unwanted stress to your relaxing time away. Check your dates to avoid being on the road when school’s out for the summer.

Do your research – Trying to find nice restaurants and places to stay in small towns is very difficult unless you’ve done your research. Read-up on the best places beforehand so you don’t miss that little gem in the middle of nowhere.

Have a reliable map – Sat-nav and google maps may be your usual go to, however their reliability does tend to waver once you step into rural terrain. Always have a backup map to hand just in case technology lets you down.

Embrace the UK scenery – Whether you’re exploring the coast in Cornwall, braving the highlands in Scotland or checking out the cliffs in Wales, the UK has some amazing scenery that we take for granted and we should see at least once.

Travel in style – As much as we love to travel to the world’s finest destinations, holidays abroad can of course be expensive and it’s no shock that Britons are starting to make the most of the UK.  If you’re not flying anywhere exotic then why not make your trip extra special by enjoying your road-trip in a classic car? Turo, the online car sharing service has fleets of classic cars at the click of a button, delivered straight to your door and available for your weekend away.

With the help of Turo’s handy car rental service, you’ll be able to choose from a fantastic range of cars from the app. Turo has partnered with a number of car hire entrepreneurs whose fleets boast everything from British icons such as Mini Coopers, Jaguars, Land Rover Defenders and Rolls Royces to head turners like the FIAT Abarth 695, Maserati and electric Tesla Model S. riddle_stop 2


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