Don’t Forget the Sunscreen…

For relaxed dining, drinks and general chilling out, make the most of the terrace this glorious summer

Column by Marie Solimanco-founder of Bergman Interiors 

What glorious weather in London! I can’t believe that it’s been almost two weeks and I haven’t been worried about having an umbrella or a cardigan! A solid 29 degrees with 0 chance of rain. Happy, happy days!

Days like this mean more outdoors, more fun, creating memories, lots of giggles, barbecues, Pimms – or lemonade for the little ones – and with Wimbledon and the yummy strawberry season starting let’s get this back yard and the terrace ready for wonderful family summer time. Here are eight hacks of how you transform your backyard to the best summer hassle free garden.

Turning your little terrace or backyard into heavenly garden shouldn’t be costing much, yet it will make your neighbour look to your greener side of the fence and go green with envy ha!

Easigrass supply and install the most delicious artificial yet ultra-natural look premiere grass product, easy to install looking gorgeous and children and pet friendly, no trimming no fuss.

If you have small terraces, roof tops or back yards always go light colours for the furniture to open up the space visually; this makes it more inviting and fresh. There is huge wonderful selection of outdoor furniture that fits every budget. Check out CocoWolf, Habitat or Ikea’s outdoor range.

“Always aim to create statement pieces that bring indoor living outdoors, irrespective of the season and climate, making any outdoor setting exceptional.”

Here are top eight things I came across this summer styling one of our outdoor roof terraces in Marylebone – that will help you to celebrate your happy little garden:

  1. Tall woven baskets – for storing throws for the chill evenings there is good selection in Trouva , thumps up if you like the one we chose!
  2. Concrete stools that could be used as small serving side tables from Habitat
  3. Solar powered lantern- doesn’t need a battery and very safe with no real candle from Lights4fun.
  4. Serving faux shagreen trays- a truly elegant piece in every home:
  5. Linen Napkins, hand-crafted from lightweight linen, arrive in different multi-coloured hues and are finished with hand-stitched embroidery along the edges:
  6. Napkin rings should be playful and fun; in our roof terrace we selected the agate rings that reflected all the colours of the surroundings and highlighted the beauty of the grey linen napkins:
  7. Plates are very important and part of the food presentation, almost like a palette for your colourful fruits. I used the organic shaped crackled dinner plates and pots from West Elm.
  8. Last but not least; don’t forgot sunscreen for you and your precious little ones. Always choose safe sunscreen- my top pick is Erbaviva– a light and silky cream that doesn’t leave unsightly white residue, its vegan friendly, sulphate paragon free and doesn’t have all the unwanted chemicals.

“Family and friends are life’s greatest blessing. Dream, laugh, play and enjoy this wonderful summer.”

Marie riddle_stop 2

Terrace styled and Furnished by BERGMAN INTERIORS

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