The Zambuni Collective

London’s Luxury Movers and Shakers

Riddle was invited to the inaugural lunch of the Zambuni Collective – discussing what luxury and craftsmanship means in contempory London

Article by Rupert Watkins

Earlier this month, Riddle was part of a select group of the country’s artisans and craftsmen to sit down in Trevor Pickett’s magnificent new Burlington Gardens store for the first Zambuni Collective lunch. The brainchild of Claire Zambuni and Trevor, this forum allows the smaller luxury brands and individuals to discuss the challenges of working in the contempory luxury environment.

Marketing, presence and sponsorship were amongst the areas discussed as well as the ever present problem of maintaining a unique identity and the constant threat of rising rents and costs. Luxury is an ever evolving concept, there is ever more appreciation for the talent, skills and provenance behind the finest wares and services.

“Small brands with small budgets find it difficult to compete with big brands in traditional ways”, comments Claire, “We have seen a need for business and communications support amongst this community”. Among the attendees were representatives from the CLA (Countryside Landowners Association), the GWCT (Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust) and Best of Britannia (running Best of Britannia London this weekend June 26 – 28), as well as small brands including Hirsch Tailoring, Patey Hats and the explorer Rosie Stancer.

Membership in the Zambuni Collective is open to individuals, small companies, cooperatives, and baby brands engaged in the preservation of heritage craftsmanship as well as the innovative use of new and traditional skills and techniques. The forum gives members the opportunity to meet representatives from other authentic, heritage and craft brands alongside their supporters and backers at salon-style events. There is the opportunity for information sharing, organic media and community exposure as an authentic, heritage and craft brand. riddle_stop 2

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