A World of Adventure at the Touch of an App

Those with wanderlust in their veins have endless options to sate their adventurous needs – the deepest jungles or the fastest flowing river are an Envago mobile scroll away

As you try to carefully pack your Mont Blanc replica ornament into the crevices of your case or debate whether to tip your bell boy or taxi driver in Taiwan, you might think ‘surely there’s an app for this’ – and you’d be right. In the 21st century, there’s an app for every travel dilemma, and if adventurous travel is your bag, then newcomer to the travel tech scene Envago could be about to become your new best friend. Envago is a free app that allows you to find adventures around the globe based on the elements of air, earth, water, rock & ice and volunteer (you’re on your own for fire based adventures!). We take a look at some of the top picks through the app.

  1. 16 day Annapurna trek

A true earth adventure, the Annapurna circuit treks across paths that were used in ancient times for trade between Tibet and Nepal and is said to be one of the best trekking experiences in the world. Translated as Goddess of the Harvest or The Provider, Annapurna is the tenth highest peak on the planet, reaching an altitude of 5,416m. From Nepalese capital Kathmandu you head to Beshisahar where the trek begins, passing the settlements of Tamang, Bahun, Chetris and Gurungs. Across the Himalayan sections, see the culture and lifestyle change alongside the landscape, experience Tibetan traditions with dramatic views of the Annapurna, Pisang and Thorung peaks. And at night retire to your local Lodge or Tea House for a fully immersive experience, and a little recuperation before the trek commences in the morning. This is a level four adventure, suitable for those with a good level of fitness.

  1. Sami ice fishing in Norway 

Bundled up in thick winter clothing, with your sled packed full of fishing gear, you will set out for a frozen lake in the Dankarvågvatn Nature Reserve in Norway for a day of traditional Sami ice fishing. A local Sami herding family from Kvaløya will be your hosts for this experience that will see you transported by either traditional reindeer sled or snowmobile to the frozen lake, before drilling a hole through the ice and sinking a lure through the space as you await your catch. A snow shelter built near to the ice fishing spot later becomes the location for a bonfire, hot drinks and freshly caught fish cooked out in the open amidst the surreal, stark landscape. At level one, this adventure is accessible for everyone.

  1. 8 day water, walking and cycling in Croatia 

If you love all kinds of active pursuits, from canoeing/kayaking to rafting, walking and cycling, this active adventure that takes place in the Plitvice Lake National Park, Plitvički Ljeskovac, Croatia will be ideal for you. Whilst Croatia might not immediately spring to mind for adventure holidays, the area around the national park offers breathtaking views, warm weather and many natural wonders. Kayak down the Mreznica River and canyon with its profusion of waterfalls and wildlife, raft down the Una River in Bosnia, walk along the un-spoilt wooden paths and bridges around Plitvice Lakes, swim in the clean waters, cycle on the traffic free roads through forests, hills and fields and enjoy traditional Croatian food in your private guesthouse. But don’t make the mistake of thinking it’ll all be pick-nicking by the river, day four with its kayaking expedition down the canyons of the Zrmanja River in Velebit Nature Park with its waterfalls, hidden swimming pools and steep side canyons makes for an exhilarating, unforgettable day.

  1. 6 days trekking in Roraima, Venezuela 

Mount Roraima is located at Venezuela’s border with Brazil and Guyana and, thanks to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s tome, is known as The Lost World due to its face and sculptures in bizarre stone formations, the valley of crystals, its moon-like surface and the ethereal fog that can rise from the valley up the mountain. In this once in a lifetime trek, you will cross rivers, climb hills which are home to species of animals and plants that can only be found in Roraima, enjoy lunch next to waterfalls, trek through the jungle and camp at night. The view from the top of Roraima at 2,700m into the valley will reassure you that this really is The Lost World! riddle_stop 2


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Photograph by Heidi Sandstrom

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