Staying Fresh in Summer

Whether glamping at Glasto or just leaving the world behind for the jungles of central America, laundry may not be the obvious thing to consider

If you’re living out of a backpack this summer, it can be quite a tad tricky to find time to do the laundry, especially if you’re always on the move or if you’re staying in a remote area. But don’t worry, it’s still possible to look and smell fresh whilst on your travels – just take a look at these handy tricks from UK laundry experts Dr Beckmann.

1. Keep it fresh
Whilst on the go keep your dirty clothes separate from your fresh ones by using a sealable bag. This way, you can easily identify which items you need to wash when it comes to laundry day, plus it will also stop the smell of the dirty clothes from contaminating clean ones.

2. Go back to basics
If you don’t have a washing machine at your disposal, you can still do your laundry. If you’re using the sink in your room, washing is simple as long as you keep Dr Beckmann’s Travel Wash to hand. The formula has been specially designed for travellers and even works in cold water.

3. Use the sun
Dry your clothes using the natural heat of the sun. Not only will it dry them quickly, but the sun’s rays brighten and whiten clothing. If you leave clothes to dry in the sun however, make sure it is only for a few hours as any longer can damage the fabric.

4. Get steamy
Clothing which has been squashed in a backpack usually comes out crinkled and creased. But, you needn’t worry about getting the mini iron out straight away – simply hang your clothes up in the shower room while you clean yourself, and the steam from the shower will quickly de-wrinkle the item. riddle_stop 2


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