Taking the Anxiety out of Keeping Fit Whilst Travelling

5 simple yet powerful strategies to keep you fit and focused when travelling

Column by Matt Kay

It’s not uncommon for a client of ours to be doing really well. They are eating clean and staying lean. Their exercise plan is going great. They are working hard in the gym 4 – 5 times per week and their food is squeaky clean. Five weeks go by, they are really pleased with their progress and then out of nowhere their business requires them to travel back and forth overseas for the next few months.

For many people this would put a stop to their training, their clean eating routine and consequently their progress. Habit forming is hard at the best of times let alone while travelling. However, a busy travelling schedule does not mean you have to throw the towel in. There are a number of go-to workouts you can use no matter where your travelling takes you. All you need is to find a 30 – 45 minute window in your schedule….

Under these circumstances you will find yourself within three different available environments in which to exercise:

  1. Hotel Gym
  2. Outside
  3. Hotel Room

For each of these situations there is a fantastic workout that will keep you fighting fit.

Hotel Gym

Only yesterday I received a videotext from a client showing me the set up of her hotel gym. The gym was nice but it is what I would call a ‘typical hotel gym’; treadmills, bikes, cross trainers, rowing machine, a few free weights and a multi gym with next to no floor space. Even though you might not want to train in this environment on a regular basis you can still structure a fantastic total body fat burning workout. Here’s how:

Warm up
Bike – 5 minutes of 45 seconds medium pace, 15 seconds fast pace, repeat 5x

Set 1
16x Weighted Lunges
45 seconds Bike (fast)
60 seconds Rest – Repeat 3x

Set 2
12x Thrusters With Dumbbells
45 seconds Cross Trainer (fast)
60 seconds Rest – Repeat 3x

Set 3
10x 1 Arm Rows (each arm)
200m Rower (fast)
60 seconds Rest – Repeat 3x

Set 4
30 seconds Plank
12 Leg Raises
12 Pulses
0 seconds Rest – Repeat 3x

Take this as a basis and adapt to suit what equipment is available


If you are fortunate to travel to a beautiful location or an interesting city, what better way to explore then going for a run or a power walk. Simply just going for a run is better than nothing but to maximize the fat burning effect here are two great ways to structure your run.

1. Interval Run
5 minutes gentle jog
Main Set (30 minutes)
Repeat 20x – 30 seconds fast run + 60 seconds steady jog

2. Pyramid Run
5 minutes gentle jog
Main Set (30 minutes pyramid)
Repeat 12x – 30 seconds fast + 30 seconds steady + 60 seconds fast + 30 seconds steady

Hotel Room

If the location of your hotel is not the best and the hotel gym is nothing more than a broken treadmill and a token bench you might want to consider a hotel room HIT session. There are hundreds of ways to structure a HIT session that require no equipment. Here are two simple HIT workouts you can start using straight away.

1. Chisel the Middle HIT
Repeat the following for 6 minutes non-stop
10 press ups
10 sit ups
10 squats
5 burpees
Followed by 3 rounds of…
60 seconds Plank
30 seconds Shoulder Taps
30 seconds Squat Thrusts

2. Lean Legs HIT
2 Sets of…
60 seconds Star Jumps
25 Squat Jumps

60 seconds High Knees
20 Squat Jumps

60 seconds Press Ups
15 Squat Jumps

60 seconds Tricep Dips
10 Squat Jumps

60 seconds Star Jumps
5 Squat Jumps

Exercise should never control your life, it should improve it. Equally travelling should not negatively affect your progress. Intelligent exercise programming will keep you trim while you travel. So next time you’re overseas give a few of these workouts a go and don’t forget your trainers.

Final thought on food…

To complement your travel workouts it is important to stress that of eating sensibly in the hotel restaurant, try not to be tempted by all that is on offer. Stick as much as possible to the eating plan you have committed to. Eat clean and drink clean and by drink clean I mean beware of the hotel bar. One of my top tips is to avoid the bar’s temptation by ordering in room service. riddle_stop 2


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