Sleek Storage

Needing secure storage for your bikes that doesn’t look a mess – and might even be acceptable inside – Velohawk uses carbon fibre to deliver a sleek, weather proof solution

Article by Brett Fabian-Smith

As a cyclist, whether a weekend warrior, a sportive rider or a regular racer like myself, you will most likely suffer from the N+1 syndrome when it comes to bike ownership. Starting off relatively moderately (sub-£1,000), then steadily progressing up to high-end carbon bikes, electronic shifters, carbon wheels, with a price tag often in excess of £5,000 or even £10,000 plus in some cases.

If you also happen to live in a highly populated capital like London or any other major city in the world, you’ll also find space at a premium, with crime and risk of theft being a major concern when storing your bike. Most likely you’ll have it inside the house, perhaps in the spare room, in the lounge or the hallway, taking up valuable living space and depending on your perspective (partners not into cycling) tantamount to clutter. Your communal garage probably won’t have an appropriate storage facility, certainly not something fit for your beautiful, sleek, precision Velo. Let alone at your office space, where risk of damage by other cyclists is an additional problem.

Velohawk believe they have the solution, a premium, individualized, secure bike storage system for high value bikes.

Let me leave you in no doubt, Velohawk is a high-end product. Beautifully crafted with carbon fibre finish, using advanced composites derived from Formula 1 and aerospace industry and designed in association with Americas Cup experts. Materials manufactured in the UK by Penso, which they can fully customize to weave your own design into the carbon (imagine your company logo fully integrated into the carbon make-up). Multiple panel options allow you to blend the Velohawk into your surroundings or to create a standout showpiece that will have your friends intrigued. Then watch their faces turn to awe as your Velohawk opens up automatically and slides out your bike for all to see.

That’s the thing which I most like about Velohawk, is the completeness of the solution. Not only is it something that looks beautiful, futuristic and cool, it also appeals because all the details have been thought about. No annoying keys to carry around, locks to secure, awkwardness when placing the bike… these annoyances have all been factored in and the solution is a work of art.

I had the pleasure of meeting James Doughty the founder of Velohawk and he speaks very pragmatically about where the idea came from. Himself a competitor in cycling and Ironman events and owner of high-end bikes, the was a need for something better than a bike hook, bike cages, or cheap bike racks. Something that wouldn’t look out of place in your living room.

Velohawk is weather and rust proof, is not much more than the width of a standard road bike; you could fit about four of them in the width of a standard parking space and not much longer than a 61cm framed road bike.

Velohawk comes at a high price point, as with any object that uses advanced composites and carbon fiber, but when you see it, you’ll understand why. For the passionate, enthusiastic road cyclist or competitor, this really is an option worth considering and may even have your bike welcomed into the house… riddle_stop 2



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