Reach for the Stars

mothers2mothers hosted a Wonder Women Brunch at London’s Devonshire Club to press for progress for women around the world

Article by Izzy Ashton

One of the standout quotes from the blockbuster film Wonder Woman comes from Diana as she declares “I’m willing to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves”. This empowering sentiment was at the heart of the Wonder Women Brunch hosted by Cherry London and Stylist Magazine at London’s Devonshire Club to raise awareness for the charity mothers2mothers.

The brunch saw a panel of inspiring women discuss everything from tokenism to the importance of never compromising on talent and the reality that change happens slowly, incrementally. But it will happen.

From Rochelle Humes, the charity’s latest patron to Sonoo Singh, editor of the Drum and Samantha Bond of Downton Abbey fame, herself a mothers2mothers patron for the last 15 years, each woman discussed the power of turning conversation into action and extolled the virtues of supporting one another. They also reflected on the importance of recruiting male allies because, as Lisa Smosarski, the Editor of Stylist, so said, “you can’t have equality with just 50 per cent of the population. This isn’t a wave of feminism; this is a boiling sea”.

mothers2mothers’ aim is to eradicate paediatric AIDS by training and employing women across Sub-Saharan Africa to help and support one another. The charity is creating a network of educated, amazing women to work on their behalf to ensure that every woman, every mother, can receive the treatment they deserve.

Hosted at one of London’s newest private members club, the brunch took place in the club’s brightly decorated and beautifully sunny conservatory. From fresh orange juice to steaming coffees and ice-cold prosecco, we dined on plates of freshly-made sushi and delicious bowls of salmon. The day’s message was clear and emblazoned across t-shirts sported by many an attendee: We Are All Wonder Women. We just each need a tribe around us to give us the courage to move forward. riddle_stop 2


Enquiries: Devonshire Club, 5 Devonshire Square, London EC2M 4YD / / 020 3750 4545 /

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