Neighbourhood Italians

Communal, vibrant and warm, Zia Lucia turns out marvellous pizzas

Zia Lucia is a newly opened pizzeria on north London’s Holloway Road. The brainchild of Italian residents who have lived in the neighbourhood for over 20 years, a gap in the market for authentic Italian pizza was identified with Zia Lucia as the result. With this in mind, and in true Italian style, Zia Lucia is a community restaurant and it is hard not to notice the hugs between the restaurant staff and incoming locals to see the genuine support and love that it is fostering.

Diners are greeted by a bright and vibrant atmosphere which seats 46 (there an additional 10 seats outside) with an open kitchen to watch the pizzalioli at work and showcase their skills at acrobatic pizza in front of the Neapolitan designed and crafted wood- fired oven.

Zia Lucia’s menu of appetisers, salads and pizzas is refreshingly simply. With a small selection to choose from, Zia Lucia has decided to hit the traditional key dishes and to hit them well… with a slight twist. The pizza menu offers 12 pizzas (be aware, the nduja spice pork sausage is spicy!) but also four different pizza base doughs including vegetable charcoal, wholemeal, gluten free and traditional. With a dramatic, black look the vegetable charcoal is without doubt the most interesting choice with a slight taste of burnt toast, but whatever is chosen, all the doughs are incredibly light and certainly flavoursome.

In regards to the drinks, the wines have been sourced from small Italian producers including a fizzy red, with bottled beers from Italy and also locally brewed in London. There are two cocktails available, a spritz and a Negroni (which is punchy) along with two prosecco with generously large per glass servings.

This is not a restaurant for those in search of a quiet place to sit and eat. Zia Lucia is a loud, family and community based destination. Table not big enough or a passing friend sees you eating and wants to join? Don’t worry, I’m sure there space enough to pull up an extra chair. riddle_stop 2


Enquiries: Zia Lucia, 157 Holloway Road, Islington, London N7 / 0207 7003708 /

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