Pickett shows off new Burlington Gardens Home

Trevor Pickett’s new premises allows a slightly more spacious opportunity to peruse his classic English leather goods  

Article by Rupert Watkins

Despite three happy decades in the Burlington Arcade, changing times sees Trevor Pickett move shop into Burlington Gardens. The shop – previously the Burlington Picture Gallery – backs onto the Albany. An intimate, winding and charming premises, customers move through narrow stairs and low doorways to find yet more subterranean leather delights.

The relative amount of new space allows the firm to show off its bespoke leather library. Full of stunning pig, goat, ostrich and lizard samples this shows both the quality and sheer range of coverings Pickett can develop for a one off creation. Crocodile and lizard skins are sourced from the Far East, ostrich from South Africa and Pickett works with the finest tanneries in this country for its calf and pig skin. The firm does suffer though from this country’s renewed enthusiasm for pork scratchings – such is the demand for these pub treats, a number of traditional pig skin tanneries have been forced to close thus making sourcing this wonderfully elegant material a tad trickier!

The shop shows off Pickett’s range of top-notch luggage, games sets and accessories very well. His weekend bags – both in leather and leather / canvas combinations – are exceedingly desirable and certainly price-wise a notch below some other Mayfair emporiums. Pickett’s stylish range of ladies scarves, many sourced from India and printed from Parisian designs are also much in evidence.

With the move only very recently completed, there is inevitably work still required behind the scenes. A small first floor reception room will allow discreet events to be held in the shop.  Trevor Pickett has thrown himself into this new project with his usual gusto and panache – here’s to the next three happy decades. riddle_stop 2

Enquiries: Pickett, 10- 12 Burlington Gardens, W1S 3EY/ 020 7493 8939/ https://www.pickett.co.uk

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